The 21 Gun

Today I was able to sneak away from work long enough to see Trooper perform his duty at the Law Officers Memorial event at DPS. I haven’t seen him in that role before. And, frankly, didn’t get to see him do it today – my desire for a good view and shade ensured I missed him as he was staged at the rear. Argh!

I’ll have to catch it on the local news, I suppose, just as I have before…

But it was good to spend time honoring those who have died in service to Texas…

4 thoughts on “The 21 Gun”

  1. Nice! If that's the word. You know what I mean.

    BTW I want to swipe your excellent “Think OR I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE” button SO BADLY. It's teh awesum. I spend a goodly part of each day thinking people are idiots. [/arrogant asshole] Present company excepted, of course.

  2. Yes, Yabu – you're right…

    Sheri, take it, I took it from someplace along the way and wish I could give due credit. Don't know that I have a phat rez version of it. I'll look…

  3. LauraB thanks, I might take you up on that. At least for a while. It just strikes me as so funneh. I might change the type to something else though, because “thinking” isn't exactly what I do myself on my site. Heh. OK really I just like the “set on fire” thing. Busted.

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