Getting Ready

This post was thoughtful…investments against the possible future…

I concur that projectiles are more likely to be needed than the gun. We have, of course, a fair amount of each here and there. But one thing that we have stocked up on – mostly because it is cheap, easy to store, and won’t go bad – is sugar.

Just imagine – you’ve been trying to cope through 3 months of very difficult days with low food, and water, and maybe even threats and injury. No matter how well you planned, it might be the thing you didn’t count on needing. Or maybe it’s the thing that your kids have missed that you cannot provide.

Of course, we have a lot more than that stowed but it was an easy decision to make – it is a “currency” that will be recognized, desired, and valuable. Not to mention it ensures you never have to ask the neighbor for a cup.

Another item that I’ve been investing in – though only a few thus far – are the fantastic Ex Officio shirts. Good for both concealed carry coverage – assuming you, like me, don’t really give a rats ass if it peeks out now and then. It also keeps the sun off, making you feel a lot cooler than you’d imagine in long sleeves. And the vents are a blessing in the Texas summer.

The other thing I do which might seem silly is print out and stash away printed versions of manuals, maintenance directions, and important documents related to governance. In a crisis you may be the one that a hundred people look to for a decision. Or you may be trying to get a dozen people to do the job of a platoon. Maybe you have to start that generator that your husband always started for you and he’s not there. Your laptop may be useless. Having a filebox of basic documents will never be a bad idea.

Neither of us goes anywhere without a bag – a fairly large one – full of CYA items. Yes, even the dog has a go bag. And dry food canned and sealed for easy and long lasting storage. We just need to compile a smaller version of the same – the “I can’t haul this 50 lb pack into the movie theatre” bag. My “handbag” has a decent assortment of stuff but could be better. Just as you have a gun that will get you to the other guns in an emergency so too should you have a bag that will let you live through whatever happens long enough to get to your big bag.

The only thing we haven’t cared for well enough are the drops – stashes here and there against urgent need. It is something I think about fairly often. But we’re better off than most. As I hope you shall be.

If you haven’t put up a good 6 months of food yet get your ass to the Mormon’s canning center and take advantage of their very wise processes and selections. You can buy mixed cases of pre-canned (tin canned) foods – nothing easier than that! Get one every few weeks and you will soon have enough to get you through a tough time. Be sure to look at one of the calculators to ensure you have enough. And don’t forget the protein, either. You can SURVIVE on the recommendations but won’t be fit for much else and certainly no athletic demands…

Just think about those things you’d need most – maybe toilet paper and medicines are your priority. Hey, I’ve got both stashed! Just think about it and do a little at a time. It is not going to improve – I feel that strongly – the conditions in our country will get harder. Best to have something to back your play…

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