Grinning Madly

Look at that photo there and tell me if it doesn’t give you some heart. Hooligans – it is taking soccer hooligans to paint the true picture. Bless `em. I may just have to get one of their darling Welsh caps…

Then look at the video here and wonder if those sweating troops know the truth of the man holding their leash. (Particularly amusing was the SWAT “mascot” at 1:28 & 2:29…dude, seriously, the uniform comes in that size? Because I need one. I jest! I jest!)

I do not call it intimidation, really. I think it would have been amusing if they’d chosen to turn their back to the crowd and face the auditorium at the end, just to sort of show a bit of support for the real Americans. They were actually few in number, quite low on their level of gear, and staid. But then it was perhaps all they could do – the lack of shields a kind of nod to the public – a mea culpa. Still, all you teams out there…you ought to come up with something, some kind of sign so that we know you know.

Nothing like patriotic serenades, though, heard inside. Rather, “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. ” Really? I suppose you haven’t reached that point yourself, Sirrah! Nor your wife?

The rapidity of the sinking of this ship astounds. Not so much the size of the rats wending their way to the top, though. At least it is easier to see them all lumped together like that. They’re getting careless. Which means that something very strong and very public must happen. Because he must next take control of that pesky 2nd – I do wonder what they’ll come up with.

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