Easter Weekend Service

It is Trooper’s long weekend and so we’ve spent it together, finally having some fun and some time to just enjoy each other’s company.

Ranger got to play in the wildflowers while we put some new stuff on each of our 1911’s.

Grips, springs, etc. were adjusted, replaced and otherwise upgraded with spare parts put into the kit for any future need. It is the good thing about each of us enjoying the model…

Not sure how I like the grips yet, having not fired it with them. But they DO match the finish nicely, no? Trooper got some “gator grips” that I liked VERY much but the gentlemen tell me that they may feel fine in the hand but under use they might be a bit more aggressive than I’d like. We’ll have to try them both…

The last few days were spent in service to another, cutting down some trees at the ranch of a friend of a friend. Her son was lost not long ago in Afghanistan and her husband already gone so we were pleased and proud to do what we could. It is a lovely place – essentially precisely the kind of land and home we’ve dreamed of. So we were held in a kind of respectful tranquility as the work was done…hard to explain but there was definitely a sense of “welcome”.

And today, after a quick clean-up and a super-fast Emergency Chocolate Cake was baked, we went to dinner at friend’s – he is due to head out “for unknown regions” in the state for a month so it was good of them to host us in their very limited time together. A generous offer, indeed.

Home, chores put off and getting finished, I am finally able to relax with a glass of wine and a very quick pass at the blogs…

It is a difficult time right now – a lot of people we know are dealing with troubles, dangerous procedures, and challenges…I’ve my own just now that are making my temper short. And this is unusual…I am rarely so touchy. But heightened stress acts on my nerves, making me impatient with people who are troubling me with trifles – AKA The Office BS. There is so much more going on and none of it can I reveal to those triflers. And the cycle turns, making me angry because I am being bitchy and can’t explain to you why. I have no idea how the secret squirrel types manage it. Even Trooper has lost his renowned Duck’s Back manner of dealing with things.

We must return our minds to a more quiet state. This service for others – it helps. It most certainly helps. It is my self-centered navel gazing that cycles the stress. Time to raise my eyes and look a bit outward for perspective. It could be so much worse…

2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Service”

  1. Those are nice grips Laura. Makes me wish I had held onto my 1911's. I had to make a hard decision early in my career. I spent so much time with SA/DA pistols I couldn't remember to sweep off the safety on my Springfields. Every attempted first shot from the holster was proceeded by a swear word. Self preservation mandated that I move to Sigs and Glocks off duty.
    Still, I'm retired now so if I sold all my DA/SA pistols then I could buy some 1911's….
    I think you're going to be a bad influence on me Laura 🙂

  2. I also have that “safety curse” if I haven't used it in awhile. But then I've been practicing at home on a lot of it so that it is getting easier.

    Now…if I can just get a set of those gator grips for me…

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