Beck Goes Viral?

Billy gets misquoted by the Grand Liar and finally gets the attention he deserves as his words are accurately rendered. Not by the mainstream, of course. But perhaps it will trickle/tweet its way along.

ANYTHING that gets people to consider his language as it stands on its own – that gets people to think about what he says instead of merely reacting to his sometimes harsh tone – is, I think, a blessing to this country.

However, I do worry that the attention might bring a harsh eye to him. Not that he isn’t prepared for it – ready for the bars and orange jumpsuit if forced to it – but I just wish he would write a damned book already. It’s time, Billy. It’s about damned time to get to it, Sir.

Cheapening Your Value

Ah, yes…between legalizing illegals, returning voting privileges to the incarcerated, and now adding an entire population…and I thought he was brave with the usual fraud (read ACORN).

My God – do you see now why voting will never work? They do not NEED you and your stinkin’ approval slip. They will do precisely as they like.

My only involvement in this utter decapitation of a nation? Tell me how we rid ourselves of the monster. Whither Impeachment, Texas?

“The impeachment process may be triggered by non-members. For example…a charge of what actions constitute grounds for impeachment may come from…a state or territorial legislature,”

Heaven help us, I think it is already too late.


Yesterday was difficult, having to swallow my pride for the sake of gainful employment. It is a kind of mourning, I suppose, that letting go of what was for the reality of what is. Trooper has been quite kind in the matter, having known his own ego bruising disappointment. His statement of “take whatever they offer”, though, echoed harshly.

I’ve always supported the fairly elite level in the company, dealing with the C suite and their direct reports. Having my access to that “sanctum sanctorum” renounced has been a difficult burden to bear. However, it seems that I am to be further acquainted with the virtue known as Humility.

I shall be asked to serve someone who reports to my now-enemy. It wouldn’t hurt as much if I wouldn’t be in contact with some of those same people – the questions will naturally arise…I tell myself that it only makes him look bad as I can honestly indicate that it was an unexpected turn of events.

But that virtue…it was comforting to read those words.
…The courage of the heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved.
…Refraining from despair and the ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation.

Courage of the heart – isn’t that a nice turn of phrase? Confronting fear and uncertainty – how I hate to do that. Well, not in the drastic and important things but the daily grinding kind of things. If there is danger, I am all business and moving out. But these kinds of office politics conflicts? How I despise them.

It is time to learn to rise above these things. I told Trooper – I need to look at it as “how many guns/bullets/pretty underthings (priorities – I gots them) will this week’s tolerance get me?” In that way I can better balance that disappointment against reality.

However, I still hope his transmission blows up on 285 at rush hour. What can I say? I need some work on the virtue of Kindness.

Fucking with the `Bux

Sheri has started something that will surely go down in the annals of SBUX history.
Her note and photo here made me laugh as JUST TODAY I had a similar situation…

We’d been taking care of business (spending triple digits at the pet store) and I wanted a latte somethin’ fierce. “My name is Laura and I have a coffee addiction.” So…Trooper waits in the truck for his Americano as Ranger goes on alert. “She’s going in alone, man. You should go with her, you bastard. Look, open the door and I’ll go. Fuck. FUCK! I can’t SEE HER! I am not MOVING until I see her again. You bastard.”

Inside, I pit, taking great pleasure in setting the 1911 on the counter and giving SBUX a little dance o’ love. At the counter, I put in the order as Mr. No Respecter Of Personal Space stands right on my heel. I rest my hand on the 1911, casually, and that elbow carves enough for him to get the point. Briefly.

I take my time ordering the snackage just because I know he’s having a Moment. I can almost smell the estrogen coming out of his pores. Then, as I stand against the wall, waiting for my order, he places his “half caff ball-less soy frangipani light” order. Yeah – soy. No wonder your wrist is in a brace. And then I see his trio of “crotchfruit” at the table, acting like they’re oh-so-grown-up with their sippy straw milks. Yeah…soy.

There are times when I truly get a laugh out of this life. Sometimes you just have to wonder why these things are set before you – as though God says, “She Gets me, dude. You know?”

Go ahead – join the fun at the SBUX Spoiled Brats and Soy Castrations site. Clean fun.

At Sea

It feels tonight as though tides are crashing and no shoreline left. So many pressures and so many fronts to watch…and this song, the guitar lilting, lilting and reminding me so of that scene in a book…Tristan waving farewell to All That as his ship leaves and she’s not going to be there to see him off, no. Only then does Arthur realize the notes he’d always played – they were the gentle lift and fall of a vessel at sea, of a heart on the waves.

It reminds me, too, of my youth that knew those tides, knew where the moon would rise. Magic of driftwood and shell, and arcade jewelry bringing steps in the sand, and a curve to my lips at that first taste of that craft – the conjuring of man, no – boy – and love, a kind of love. Ages gone but the sound of the waves brings it all back.

But then there was wind in the still new greenery of the pastures we drove by today and it was like ripples on shallow water. And I looked at him, knowing that the smiles he brings me even in my troubled mind…that it is a gift I do not appreciate enough, having forgotten just how little I used to smile. Yeah, he’s pretty much like this – with one hell of a better casting technique, thanks. I often do not deserve him.

Faith and Liars

I wonder how it is that a man who has a chat moniker of “WWJD” manages to make that work with his ability to set me up for unemployment without even the courtesy of a warning or thanks for everything.

I do sometimes get tired of the “faithful” behaving like utter shits all week and then saints for a day. It is tiresome, too, that I have to keep working for him and being polite while he is quietly stabbing me in the back. Well, not that quietly since it took nothing to find out. Just not from him nor the person he is collaborating with.

So…time for me to scramble for either another role internally or to find something externally. And it angers me beyond belief. Nearly 7 years with this guy and this is what I get? Well, it does remind me that, when it comes to work, no one cares about you as much as you think. I’d learned that lesson long ago but had forgotten that sudden sharp pain of betrayal and deceit.

And how to hold my anger back and not send the well-written Fuck You email? Or the “thanks for being a dick on Administrative Professionals Day ” message. I refuse to do it simply because it isn’t professional but…it is extremely difficult. I understand that business demands some less than savory actions now and then. But this was simply not necessary. Being upfront and honest about the matter would have at least been…reasonable.

Shit – it doesn’t really matter, does it? All this back and forthing. It WILL happen and the repercussions are what I need to deal with. Still, it hurts the ego…and we’ve company tonight so I have to smile and make nice…

Where did I leave that voodoo doll? I think it needs a new nametag.

Over There, Still

A good friend of Trooper’s was, when cleared to go to the war after getting all manner of pins in legs and whatnot from a wreck, involved in Personal Security in the Army. Took a Big Cheese hither and yon in the most hellish of the fighting. He never said much about it, once home. Noted that the man never did quite know when to stay “home” and when to keep his damned head down.

I was reminded of those days just now – I was cleaning out links and came to this one. Can hardly recall why I had it because it wasn’t a warrior link at the time it was fav’d. It is now. I loved this peek at his life. “Beats filling sandbags“, indeed.

Give it a look – he writes very well, illustrating the work in a way that gives an immediacy to it – putting you there, really. Definitely won’t be a languishing link anymore.