Into The Woods

Brigid offers a timely reminder, “What would we be, were we shed of all those material things, of our possessions, our titles, of our names?”

Trooper and I speak of it more often lately. Could we get enough for the house to walk away from it? Should we cash in my meager 401k to build something small and serviceable?

I look at this photo from years gone of a place that I once walked every week. I knew it intimately and in every season. There was one time of year when the sun would come up just beyond that point, flooding it with golden syrupy light. It truly felt like heaven was unfolding in front of you and you need only keep walking to find yourself in it.

I miss having that sensation. I miss the quiet, the scent of earth and leaf. And everytime we go to the ranch I have that sensation again – the not wishing to leave. There, gladness is found in laying on the ground, letting the sun and wind scour the worst of life from your flesh.

The last time I walked through my favorite glade, tossing Forget-me-not seeds in the entry, other seeds here and there in a haphazard way that perhaps spring and summer will make order of. It was a sort of planting of hope.

It is easy enough to romanticise the “simple” life. But a look at the gnarled hands in photos of the past tells a tale of the hard life it can be. I don’t truly wish for such hardship but…I hope, if it comes, I’ve enough to meet it. Be ready.

Waste no time, now. All medical conditions, dental work, new glasses, and every little thing that you want to keep – get it done, get it stashed, and stay tanked up. It is tiresome being on alert for what could be a long while. But knowing you’ve prepared…that makes it a bit easier to take.

Now, I just need to order that Kirkpatrick holster…

6 responses to “Into The Woods

  1. Well said Laura. We've got the house in Utah ready and we're squirreling away supplies as fast as we can. We'll be moving there permanently just as soon as possible.

    The fight goes on.

  2. I am thoroughly pleased to hear of Utah. AND your continued battle of the bulge. It's harder to lose the older we get…

    A friend has tried the “Mormon Emergency” food plan diet just to see how the food stuffs held up. His findings were very interesting. One, spices are a huge part of making the umpteenth can of beans palatable. Two, most of us haven't got enough protein – meat – stored away. He dropped MANY pounds but said that, without the added protein, he had zero energy with which to perform any kind of tasks.

    Which means we'll be investing in more freeze dried goods than we planned to…likely the cans at the bottom of this page.

    Stay well, stay safe, and take care of your family.

  3. A very good friend has a small “ranch” in WY along the lower Snake River. It's my last stand venue if the need arises and I get moving in time. Until then N. TX seems pretty secure, particularly outside the metroplexes.

  4. Hey Ed – well, you guys are always welcome in our small part of TX if getting to WY isn't possible…

    But I still think you are much too close to the metro area. One must be two tanks of gas away at least, in my opinion, to have a modicum of safety. As well as a fair number of like-minded associates.

  5. I'm getting my peepers check this week, with new glasses to follow. Gotta be able to see a target to hit it, ya know? Then to the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot/show to pick up 1,000 rounds of 7.62X39 for the boomstick. My wife runs a farmer's co-op, so food availability isn't an issue. BTW, get to know your local farmers. They may save your life someday.

  6. And if TSHTF and you find yourselves in need of shelter, you are all welcome here in KY. We've got a whole, easily defended and well-armed neighborhood full of “subversives.” 🙂

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