His Ride

Well, now…not related to the prior post but certainly another bee in a bonnet, so to speak…Trooper did what he likes best the other day. Hung his butt out of a helicopter for a few minutes.

No matter how much I refuse to believe that they OUGHT to fly, I cannot help but want to give it a go. Of course, I jumped in the truck to watch him depart – took the guy a moment to find the designated spot. And I cannot help but want to be near an aircraft. The sound, the buffeting wind, the smell
I have a feeling I’d probably NOT like the sensation of flight in the thing so it’s probably wasted wishing. Still, I’d love to find out!
I am trying to deal with the current “Defcon 3” status with less anxiety and more proactive measures. A lot goes on in the background that comforts me. And I’ve assurances that let me know we’d only have to hold out for a little while. But it still takes rather a lot of brain power away, leaving me with little to manage work life. Hard to concentrate, really. Lists fill my mind, tasks, options…
It will all be fine eventually but there are a lot of days between now and then. And I am a planner which means I am not happy with all these unknowns. No, not at all. I will have to learn to – what is it he says? Improvise, adapt and overcome. Sheesh – I’ve always been irked by that but I can see now its simple truth…damn it.
You know what is most humbling? Knowing so many people – so many of YOU – that have dealt with far more immediate…hazards. Over and over again. You’re all mad, of course. I’ve no idea how you manage(d). But you give me hope and comfort.

2 responses to “His Ride

  1. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

    LauraB, you'll manage fine, I'm certain, as you appear mentally prepared, even though the unknowns, as you state, irk you. Embrace “Improvise, adapt, and overcome,” as part of your planning.

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