The Range War

So we mosied on out to the range yesterday to give the new 1911 a trial run. But there was a problem.

Trooper sees something…

And so does Ranger.
It’s a bit off in the distance.

Now, really….

It’s simply impossible to believe because there are no livestock on this ranch…

But there are.

And one of them is back there, scratching his horns on a perfectly good berm, the bastard!

Time to herd Longhorns the easy way – from the Ford. Hoo-yah! Get along! YAA!! *honk honk*

But now Ranger is going absolutely nuts in the back. But he doesn’t get to jump out yet because…

This one is being stubborn.

We have to get out and herd them on foot through the mesquite.

They start moving on and Ranger risks a broken leg and neck to jump out and help Daddy with those really big dogs. We got them all turned and herded, Ranger doing a really fine job, actually, of keeping them moving while remaining out of their reach.

Finally, the range was clear and we could get down to business.

Yes, she’s so much prettier in the light of day, eh?
We shot quite a few rounds through it – see?

OK! Fine! That’s not my target.

Trooper was shooting the other 1911. I am too ashamed to show you mine. Not that I was out of the 6 toooo often – just enough to be irritated with myself.

I blame the excitement of a new friend. Still, I can see that I’ll need to get to work on it, putting a lot of rounds downrange and understanding the trigger pull innately.

But it’s happy we are. True, true. Now, time to get Trooper a steak and egg breakfast. And Ranger a bath. That pond has turned his bathing beauty self into a real stinker.

P.S. Thanks, Brigid, for the shout out!! Next time you cross the border, we’ll be meetin’ ya! (Maybe it’s time for a TX Shootout Blogmeet…)

2 responses to “The Range War

  1. Sounds like a grand time was had by all. Were those beefaloes wild? That big “doggie” with the huge people-stickers would have filled up the freezer nicely methinks. 🙂

  2. Them beeves were not wild – merely on walk-about from the ranch one ranch over. As we were shooting we could hear them getting loaded in the trailer to go back home.

    But we have discussed the Finders Keepers rule as it applies to fence jumpers. LOL

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