This Just In…

Yes, my friends. That’s her. The one I’ve been waiting for – how long now? August of last year, maybe? Well, this is what 3 days of Trooper training salary will get ya. SUHWEET.
Mind you, there was not ONE to be had in the country. Well, not this precise configuration. And most assuredly not at the price point we were given by a very kind associate.
The trigger, you ask? A delicate and lovely pull just right for me. The grips? Indeed, a tidy checkering with definite smooshy goodness. Like a very hard tire tread. If it was skin.
Um, yeah.
Anyway, I am in love and can’t keep my hands off her. Tra la la! And, can you believe it? It’s Trooper’s birthday! And I got the gift! (Oh, he has his, too. One of these shirts. But shhhh. He doesn’t know yet.)

6 thoughts on “This Just In…”

  1. I'd definitely go with cigars. You don't want chocolate fingerprints all over your new baby.

    wv: swedun
    A country, or what someone would say about your new pistol. “That's a swed-un, all right.”

  2. Thanks, you guys! Got to shoot yesterday – I complained that the trigger wasn't as tasty smooth as the loaned unit. The Trooper and the loaner owner both just groaned. “Put a couple thousand rounds through it first, why dontcha?!”

    LOL Yeah – that's me. Picky female.

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