Getting the Laugh

When I first saw this play enacted on HBO by the absolute MASTER of the art, Emma Thompson…I wept. And not merely because the story demands it but that she had such a light touch on it, the role. It’s sad, yes. And evocative of sights and sounds some have known too intimately. But it is my hope that, if ever I were in such a dire strait, I could find my own Wit.

Remembering Joseph

Today was Joseph Campbell’s birthday. He had such an impact on my thinking when I was young. His series, The Power of Myth, certainly brought a life-long study of, and interest in, philosophy to a kind of crescendo. It felt like, “Yes…yes…this is what I meant.”

The entire series of the Myth broadcast seems to be available online. I absolutely recommend it. This is one segment that I really like – minute 25 (if you prefer to fast forward) starts a very nice story.

Joseph Campbell – Sacrifice and Bliss (4 of 6)

R-CANE-1 MySpace Video

This is why, again, I am not a fan of organized religion. No one needs to translate these things for you. The tales are your own. Every story is the same story, all gods are one god…nothing new under the sun.

But the one lesson he tried to impart is to “follow your bliss” (min 52 of video). I’ve tried often in my life to figure that out – thought I knew only to find that it was not bliss but sacrifice. It, too, has its place – but my bliss was found in the elements. The mountains of Colorado, the gentle gulf waters, the wide and windy land of Texas.

When you meet someone who is genuinely happy watch what it is that they do and you will see that they have managed to find that thing – that path – that brings them deep satisfaction. And from there springs hope and charity. From that well one can drink deep and nourish others. Call it God if you like.

It is a terrible thing to know that generations have been taught to ignore it, that search for grace – taught that an overlord will give you succor. And that you should call that…servitude…a kindness. Rather, look squarely at what it is you are asked…what tithe for your soul and freedom? And pass the plate to another. When your cup runneth over you will know what to do. And your grace will lead you. No one and nothing else ever could.

Recruitment Video

As found at Ace…check out the grin on the liberal at 6.36 – you know he was feelin’ just fine right about then.

I’d love to spend an evening at the grill with that man – not to mention inside with a glass of wine with his wife. Can you imagine the stories?!

Into The Woods

Brigid offers a timely reminder, “What would we be, were we shed of all those material things, of our possessions, our titles, of our names?”

Trooper and I speak of it more often lately. Could we get enough for the house to walk away from it? Should we cash in my meager 401k to build something small and serviceable?

I look at this photo from years gone of a place that I once walked every week. I knew it intimately and in every season. There was one time of year when the sun would come up just beyond that point, flooding it with golden syrupy light. It truly felt like heaven was unfolding in front of you and you need only keep walking to find yourself in it.

I miss having that sensation. I miss the quiet, the scent of earth and leaf. And everytime we go to the ranch I have that sensation again – the not wishing to leave. There, gladness is found in laying on the ground, letting the sun and wind scour the worst of life from your flesh.

The last time I walked through my favorite glade, tossing Forget-me-not seeds in the entry, other seeds here and there in a haphazard way that perhaps spring and summer will make order of. It was a sort of planting of hope.

It is easy enough to romanticise the “simple” life. But a look at the gnarled hands in photos of the past tells a tale of the hard life it can be. I don’t truly wish for such hardship but…I hope, if it comes, I’ve enough to meet it. Be ready.

Waste no time, now. All medical conditions, dental work, new glasses, and every little thing that you want to keep – get it done, get it stashed, and stay tanked up. It is tiresome being on alert for what could be a long while. But knowing you’ve prepared…that makes it a bit easier to take.

Now, I just need to order that Kirkpatrick holster…