Snow Day!

It’s been coming down in huge flakes and Ranger has experienced his first snow day.

His thick fur maintains a nice waterproof state, making it easy to wipe him off afterward. And makes for a cute photo op.

What made me laugh was his look – a kind of “WTF?” when he first stepped on it. A bit after, Trooper was home and throwing snowballs at him.
Ranger tried to catch them and, as they exploded in his mouth, looked all around for the “ball”. After the second “ball” he caught on and was leaping around in pleasure as he snapped his jaws around them.
I wish I could be out in it but work keeps me pinned to the laptop. At least I had the good sense to stay home and off the roads. I might be just fine but I don’t trust the rest of the Bread and Milk Aquisition Team.

5 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Now, now! I KNOW snow, my friend. I just take what I get. At least until I can talk Trooper into going to CO for a nice tromp in the real thing. Did you guys miss out on this storm?

    Thx, Laura! He is my adoring tormentor. (He is also Mr. November in the Central TX SPCA calendar.)

    Hey, DW! He got all manner of attention yesterday including much snuggling on the sofa – playing in the snow is very tiring, as you might well imagine.

  2. We didn't even get rain out of this week's storm. All the white stuff was south of DFW. But the week before we got the full 10″ and had a very happy Husky romping in the yard.

    When I moved from Colorado four years ago I left my snow shovel behind and haven't missed it yet.

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