I Was Ready, Too…

So, I was all fired up about getting my beloved 1911. But after months of waiting on the Loaded Champion I wanted from Springfield there was a deal I could not in my right mind resist.
So I didn’t.
We will be editing a few things to suit me but it is, overall, superb. The trigger is set to just the right *plink* pull. (I know that is female gibberish but I bet you know what I mean.) And I have to tell you – the .45 is so much more satisfying than the 9mm ever was. That was my old beater – a craptacular Firestar – that was really just there to make me feel better.
It is amazing to move on up to a really decent gun. Easy to take down, clean and reassemble, too.
Oh, my darling! My sweet baby! Come snuggle up in my thigh rig, you beauty!
And, yes – the concealed holster option is coming. Finally found the one that Il Ling New mentioned on the Personal Defense show – permits a nice cant to better suit a woman’s body. I frankly cannot wait until I can carry the dang thing all legal-like. Just some paperwork between me and that…

4 thoughts on “I Was Ready, Too…”

  1. Looking very nice! Don't scrimp on leather. It's worth the money, particularly to be comfortable with a full-size 1911. I'd recommend Kramer, Sparks or Mitch Rosen for your shopping.

  2. Hey, Brigid! Take your time – going on vacation is sometimes hardly worth it when you see the work that awaits you. And I always thought white on black was easier in the geek world! But that may be old school, now.

    Thanks, Ed, for the tips! I'll look those up! I wish I could just sport the thigh rig all day…much easier for me to pull from with a gimpy shoulder. Practice will be necessary…

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