All Fired Up

Guess why this man is smiling…yep, one less hog on a ranch. See, here in Texas they are vermin so there is no limit and no season. We happened to be making rounds when we heard the worst porcine squabbling. It was actually sort of frightening even from a distance.

Ranger did NOT want to stay behind with me as his father started moving out in stealth mode. He pulled on that leash with all 100 lbs. I made him stay with me, crouched by a discer as Trooper hid a few hundred yards away. One shot, then a few more, and he called the All Clear. I kept my 1911 at hand and ready, not wanting to meet up with this fellow’s family.

Yes, it was a good day for all but the pig. But Trooper says never no more shall he be pig hunting with .223 – mind you, we hadn’t expected to be pig hunting. But I think he shall be coming out with something much more impactful in the future.

Ranger is crashed out, Trooper is back from turning in paperwork, and me – I’ve knitting to work on. And laundry. A lot of multicam laundry.

3 responses to “All Fired Up

  1. Nice pig, but Trooper is spot-on about .223 being puny for porkers. I've been wanting to try my Marlini 1895G Guide Gun in the role. 18″ compensated bbl, Leupold compact 2.5x scope, .45-70. Comes in at around 6.5 pounds.

  2. DW, indeed – it was an amazingly GOOD day and we all needed it.

    Ed, that sounds like a very VERY nice gun. Trooper is not an avid hunter though he has hunted all his life. I'll have to get him to comment on his preferred ranch weapon now that he has faced down the porcine peril.

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