Today was an REI Garage Sale – about the best time to find good gear at a more friendly price point. Austin has three different locations and if you are a Member you can take advantage of the sale. The Lamar location’s sale is next Saturday and our favorite store in Round Rock has a sale on the 13th. We figure we’ll be damned well broke by the time we finish this month. But well equipped!

Today was a banner day, though, because we found these for Ranger – in his size – for $4. Swear!
We put them on and immediately took him for a walk and a romp in the pasture nearby. At first he walked like a pony, prancing with high steps. But then he settled into them with little incident. Only one shoe turned a bit on his foot and needed to be resecured. I think we’ll look at getting the “liner socks” since he has his dew claws – should help prevent the boot from slipping and snagging on them. I know, I know – he ought to be a “tough guy” and be hardened to the work. But there are some places we go that the boots could help in – the range has “goat head” burrs that make a Floridian sandspur feel like a cotton ball.

Adding to the booty was a new GPS, binoculars, heavy winter boots for Trooper, and a jacket for me. If you’ve a hankerin’ for quality gear with minor cosmetic issues, that member’s only sale can’t be beat.

Up Wi’ It!

Most of you will have already seen it, being fans of his already. But Ed has it to rights here.

Me? I’m more likely to crack open a Shiner variation or bottle of nice chianti. But sometimes the mood strikes – and when it does, it’s The Macallans. Trooper prefers Woodford’s Reserve – and I can abide it, too, if pressed.

Life is too short to imbibe swill.

Ask Not For Whom The Pot Boils

This man may be controversial. But I do think he means well – more so than most…

This bit made me smile this evening, even though my tooth is aching.

“When the social and moral excrement finally hits the economic collapse rotary oscillator in this country resulting in general societal breakdown, these uncomprehending, self-obsessed, arrogant idiots will be eaten by the the illiterati of their own side.”

Indeed, they are fools in blinders, believing that all their “children” will sit at their learn’ed knee and look to them for answers in the travail. Rather, the feral lot will look for answers in their entrails. Hell, it might at least give an honest answer – yes, they were full of shit.

Justice Runs Deep

Who knows why these things happen? How the smallest detail is left to fate…and people turn their faces away and let good young men pay for bad decisions. It’s not the Army that Trooper knew…else his own South American adventure would have cost him at least as much.

Fucking damn this business. Because it isn’t being run like a war – there seems to be a P and L sheet somewhere and this man landed on the wrong page.

A Dozen Years, A Million Miles Away

The old men, finding a fountain of youth in an audience…the sly looks that erase decades from their faces. And glimpses of a Cuba that no celebrity will see – the real life, the sad reflection of corruption and a weary people.

And Ibrahim…a second youth in the oldest of age.

Go ahead, play the music, and dance around the kitchen with someone you love. Or even like just a little. They’ll grow on ya before the tunes fade. I don’t what it is about that island rhythm but it is infectious, seductive…and, yes, melancholy.

Snow Day!

It’s been coming down in huge flakes and Ranger has experienced his first snow day.

His thick fur maintains a nice waterproof state, making it easy to wipe him off afterward. And makes for a cute photo op.

What made me laugh was his look – a kind of “WTF?” when he first stepped on it. A bit after, Trooper was home and throwing snowballs at him.
Ranger tried to catch them and, as they exploded in his mouth, looked all around for the “ball”. After the second “ball” he caught on and was leaping around in pleasure as he snapped his jaws around them.
I wish I could be out in it but work keeps me pinned to the laptop. At least I had the good sense to stay home and off the roads. I might be just fine but I don’t trust the rest of the Bread and Milk Aquisition Team.