Home Work

When you tell people that you work from home three days a week you often get that look of envy. But it isn’t all that – and a peppah. No, it takes a great deal of will power to ignore the laundry, deny the dog, and to not surf Ravelry all day.

It’s difficult to concentrate when the cats want Second Breakfast and heaven help you if you are on a conference call when the UPS man pulls up – the only thing that will absolutely trigger Ranger’s defensive bark before the kind warning woofles. ‘Mute! Where’s the damn mute option?!’

This week I am home every day because the dog sitter is on a cruise and Trooper is otherwise engaged. (By this I mean that he is dog sitting elsewhere and playing Wii 18 hrs/day.) I usually enjoy my in-office days when I can avoid all housework and animals and actually get complex matters cared for. But today?

OK. Look at that cat with her tufty ears and poofy tail. And her belly? The down of baby ducks – try to not caress it. Tell ME how you tell her to just back the heck off and let me (you) work. Oh, I DO it. But the retribution is swift and heinous – the corner of the sofa is attacked with a vengeance. I won’t be surprised to find puke somewhere as she is known to do a mock-hairball routine to get you out of bed at 5a to feed her.

(The skate? Oh – um. Well, I need to get some outdoor wheels on them for that promised exercise and dog running thing. I’ll get right on that. Yeah, adding that to my list right now.)

And then there is this…

…which I promised myself I would have cleaned up and organized by the end of the week. You can ignore that knitting. I absolutely DO NOT knit on company time. Never. Nuh uh, no way.

Unless I am on a conference call.

Or waiting for Travel to book flights.

But otherwise never.

Anyway, it’s NOT all milk shakes and soap operas – though it is true that I’m in pajamas till 10 or so. Sadly, that will have to come to an end as I get my webcam set for the enhanced Live Meeting hooey that I have to start working on. Which also means a repositioning of stuff BEHIND me so that the camera view is all professional and anonymous.

It could be worse. I could be stuck back in Atlanta with The Sucker and the HR Rep From Hell. I remind myself of that all the time. It was miserable and this is nothing but nectar in comparison.

So, um, maybe it is all that, what with this further examination…but I still haven’t gotten the laundry finished!

4 responses to “Home Work

  1. Warning woofles!!!

    *laughing so hard my face hurts*

    That's going on my list of “Great Names For Rock Bands!”

    Oh, and you're absolutely right. There's no way you could resist such a cute kitteh.

    Roller skates? Yikes! I tried roller blades in the mid 90's but after a spectacular, fully prone landing on my back (witnessed by several motorists, one of whom stopped to see if I needed help!) I gave them up. It makes my back ache just thinking about it.

    But thanks for the laugh! Warning woofles…


  2. Well, they ARE Woofles! Tentative, smallish, throaty…a huff of air, really.But then he is a sigh-er. Frequently issues that giant sigh of irritation when I don't stay in one place and force him (!) to follow me every moment.

    As for the skates? I think it was a great idea – execution? We may find out in a week…

  3. I was off Friday. I had a lot of things I could have done. Write, clean the house, pack more stuff up to move if the house suddenly sells.

    I made croissants, took a really long bubble bath, had a homemade Margherita and went to bed at 9:30Not a bad way to spend the night.

    “Nothing but nectar in comparison” Good phrase, and so true of many things.

  4. B, what a terrific way to spend an off day!! I wish I could get to bed at a decent hour that way…but then I am not awake before dawn as you so often are.

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