Getting Ready

A fair question might be “what in the hell are you doing these days because you aren’t blogging all that damn much…”

Staying busy…trying to fit in reads of the favorite blogs in between work and making plans. Plans can be said to include one of these acquired at an unseemly bargain at GT’s:

And that plan item might also have a companion that includes some of this (yes, I consider a clean butt as vital as Gold Bond):

Brigid has a great post up about being prepared – not going along in life as though the grocery was around the corner and the gas station always open. (She has another post tangentially related that I must make time for.)

In the down-time, I’ve been keeping my fingers busy with this sort of thing. I love the wee owls on this hat and need only to find the perfect buttons for eyes…

Such is life of late. Considering the weather here this month I am giving serious thought to more woolens and perhaps a flannel petticoat or two. (I’ve always thought that a long, heavy skirt was warmer than pants.)

We acquired some WinterSilks for Trooper so that he can stay toasty – they work quite nicely without movement-impeding bulk. I’ve been relying on my layers – smartly adding one piece after another as needed. And it has been needed! I just wish there was snow. If one is going to be this cold there really ought to be a payoff.

Instead, it’s all about soups and pots of beans with freshly baked bread. Practice, I tell myself. And I’m doing quite well, I think. Prepare, practice, perform.

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