No, We Can’t

Keep it, I mean.

He came prancing down the street, came when called, and had no tags. His back is matted with nasty waxy smelly stuff but he’s sweet. Just too dang dominant.

We considered through the night whether we could keep him. After all, he’d make a great playmate for Ranger. But there was a constant dominance play going on and my research has indicated that having two males would be quite the problem with the breed.

Add in that he’s not cut and marking everything that stands still and you have a recipe for “new home”. Good thing is that we’ve a friend who has been looking for a Siberian so we’ve a ready-made option. I tried to cut out a bit of the mess in his fur. He’s biddable enough with a treat but cries like a forlorn wookie when crated. He will settle after 45 mins or so but…he can’t be trusted outside of it and can’t be left in it all the time. No, he needs a new place….

But you can believe me that I wish he could stay. I truly do…Trooper already named him, too. Even though he agrees that it’s not an option for us…you’re a good boy, Scout!

2 responses to “No, We Can’t

  1. I've had Huskies since 1977. I'm on my fifth iteration now. They are cute. They can be insistent about having their way, but they seldom are aggressive. If he and Ranger haven't fought, they won't probably. They are just establishing pecking order in their “pack”–which includes you and Trooper! Huskies seldom come when called and you will rarely see one off leash. They run away a lot and are experts at escape and evasion. They don't usually bark, but will “talk” a lot.

    Sounds like he was an outdoor dog, hence the marking behavior–never housebroken. Also hadn't been crated but they are extremely adaptable dogs and quickly get used to their surroundings.

    You might check with a local vet on whether he's been chipped.

  2. Thanks, Ed! Yes – he will definitely be checked for a chip. Though I worry about a dog allowed to get to that state. Horrid fur business…I could see from all the Lost ads that the breed is definitely all about escape and explore…

    You can see he is eager to please and has already learned to Kennel Up. He's quite good at paying attention but one has to be very direct.

    If he wasn't quite so dominant, forcing Ranger to reprimand every moment, and if no marking…it'd be damned tempting to keep him. I just can't risk waking to find a placemat of cat fur…

    He's a handsome boy, though!

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