He’s A Maniac

Ah, the beloved monster. Just had a nice NYE chat with a friend. Was hurriedly harvesting some lettuce before sundown (I know – hate me and my temperate climate).

This is what I was dealing with as I did so…thankfully, the ancient camera doesn’t take sound so you cannot hear me chanting “give me the crazy chicken…chicken…CHICKEN!”
Nor the ending of “don’t take the stuffing out, you fool!”

Ranger – 98 pounds of sheer love and torment. As for the yard? Mudpit. The upside down pool served to protect the worst corner – it needs to be moved again. Sigh…an ugly terrible mudpit.

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Except for the lettuce. Sorta. Can you see the mess just near the remnants? I KNOW! It’s a really sad little lettuce patch but it is still going strong!

And yes, so are the radishes…and the oregano. A second lettuce patch is coming up, too.

Enjoy this snippet of my NYE fun. If it makes you feel any better something bit the shit out of my thumb as I tried to get the lettuce. Ants, probably. Payback is definitely due.

Meanwhile, I think I shall pour a glass of something. Of course Trooper’s working. They all are. Except the new Corporal. Hmmmm. Oh, well. If it all goes well, Ranger may just have some company soon…professional company. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said. And please – stay safe and happy this evening!!

2 responses to “He’s A Maniac

  1. It is a clear and starry night up here in Kodiak, so I'm going to bundle up, step outside, and enjoy a nice cigar while watching the town's fireworks display at midnight. I wish you and your family a very happy, safe, and healthy new year!

  2. Och, for some stars…the clouds and wind moved in at nightfall. And the fireworks which so fret the puppy are through which means he can go out and then we can go to bed.

    I hope the displays were lovely! I wish you and yours a most happy new year!

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