Way back in – goodness, October I think! – we each ordered one of these while doing the GT Garage Sale thing. Expensive but I wanted a thigh rig for the 1911. I have a tough time getting my bad shoulder socket to hitch back and out enough to draw from the waist.
This thing? Oh, yesssss. Trooper helped me adjust it a bit and then we practiced some draws and OMG was it perfect. I can’t wait to get my OWN 1911 – I don’t want to ding up the loaner with practice so I’m trying to be patient.
This one is shown backwards – or for a lefty. All I can tell you is that if you want one in that green color, you might be in for a wait. After all, you’d think GT would be able to get what they want when they ask for it. Nope…
What a terrific piece to add to the kit. I am so glad we spent the money on them. Well worth it!

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