Merry Christmas

It is a quiet night and appropriately so. Trooper is working, home soon enough, though. I cannot help but think of those who will still have to work. Those whose duty knows no hour, no holiday.

I take a moment to think of them…

It’s late and I know I ought to be in bed. An early rising, a dish to prepare and then a drive to see family…It was difficult to get in the spirit of things this year – starting too late to be much good. I rely on the hope that friends know I love them even if the wrapping is late.

I love that new header – a delightful drawing by Sulamith Wulfing. It is precisely what I feel about the holiday. Perhaps a bit too Scandihoovian for some, and a bit arcane. But I love it all the same. That kind of peace – that acceptance that the child you feel yourself to be will still be present in the crone that you will become. I believe that will be true. I hope so.

I wish, sometimes, that it was like this – still…innocent of so much. Simpler. And I think that shall have to be my motto in the days to come. Pare back, downsize, be glad for the simpler things and surround myself with them. Perhaps that innocence will wend its way to me.

Now, this is a bit of fun and lighter fare – I have to say I love how he shakes that tail like a stripper at 2:45a, eeking out that last dollar bill. Wait – that wasn’t terribly holy, was it? Sigh…well, so it goes. This one courtesy of those guys.

It takes one hell of a pilot to fly that “badly”. I know my taildragger friends will give it a special glowering eye.

Oh, Merry Christmas to all of you, you delightful few – my dear friends.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Those first few pitch-overs would have made me lose my lunch for sure… I never could handle negative G's, and flying cross-corrected always made me fairly nervous. Nonetheless, that was a heck of a show, and very fun to watch.

    In any case, a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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