I Must Have Done Something Good

Santa Baby…oh, baby…

I have been lusting after this beasty for a very long while. Finally, I have one in my hands and I cannot WAIT until the Springfield can nestle its way down inside.

For now? All those accoutrements I’ve been collecting can be clipped on, shoved in, and otherwise deployed.

Yeah, I sniffled a little. Sure. What of it?
Allow me to note: the medium Rollypoly is a terrific addition to anyones kit. Clips on nicely to the above or to the carrier vest…
My husband is the best.

3 responses to “I Must Have Done Something Good

  1. Sounds like somebody put in a good word with Santa for ya :-).

    I've got the Maxpedition “fatboy” versipack in black, and I WUV it. I added a subdued “Don't Tread on Me” flag patch to the velcro strip on the front. My Kahr K9 and all my other gear fits perfectly.

  2. I've got to wonder how dense the community is that the company resides in when they refer to that as a “concealed carry bag”! I guess somebody in full battle rattle would be viewed as simply a bit on the chubby side.

  3. Oh, Ed – you're right, of course, but…it is about usefulness rather than being surreptitious. The scales have tipped too far for it to matter anymore.

    Besides, it looks good. (Was that too much like a girl?)

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