Climate Is What You Expect

…Weather is what you get.

This is a really fascinating bit of science – real science – on the matter.

Back in the day I hunted weather across the states. I was rather familiar with clouds and their impact on the weather. It was unmistakable, and is so to anyone – even a child. What disturbed me during a visit here with this man was his absolute resolve about “warming”. There was no argument permitted, no discussion at all because HE was a SCIENTIST. He just KNEW and there was no reason to bother trying to explain it to dumb little people like me. He turned his back, sat at his SparcStation and I knew…

It was in that moment that I saw the truth in this: people staked careers on the thing. Their income. Their entire persona was wrapped up in this belief and to look at it from any other angle would be to deny themselves of themselves.

I’ve always felt that we could certainly muck up an environment – that is a simple enough fact. But a planet? A system that we cannot possibly comprehend since we don’t even know what lies under the entire skin of the thing? What forces are at work below us? What of the continuously expanding volcanic activity the last decade?

Too, a daily visit here always reminds me that what we have – what is under our feet – is a very brief oasis. We are fools to just stand on the crust and imagine it will last as it has been for the last thousand years. Better if we were to start kicking off this dust and finding a few alternatives in the galaxy. Maybe not as kind, perhaps hardly even tolerable in comparison to this glorious idyll. But it is either that or agree that we, too, are temporary. That humans ought to just go quietly when this world fades. And it WILL fade.

When I was quite young it seemed to me a foolish thing that adults knew of this fact and yet did nothing. And we do nothing even now. We hunt among our closest companions using the most crude methods of propulsion and imagine that it will help.

I’d always thought we’d be past that by now…but I suppose we are still in our cradle, playing with our loud toys and thinking we know our world, entire.

H/T re: video – Ghost

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