Signs of Winter

Yes, this is the back door entry point and the sacrificial towel for Ranger’s large paws. A week of rain and cold ensured it was put to use. As were a number of other mud towels…my sister laughed at how well he knows to stop there and wait as each paw is wiped. Sometimes he bristles at the delay, allowing you the rear two but wanting to go-go-go with the front two.

Of course, he sometimes has to hide his rawhide bone overnight and retrieve it, nicely seasoned, in the morning. Each episode demands one look carefully because that front left is going to be needing more work. I love to give him the “Were you digging?” admonishment – he immediately goes into the subdued and slightly apologetic stance. I imagine him thinking to himself, “Well, I am a dog, you know.”

But now…now it’s time to slip on the collar and take a walk in the rather chilly air to get the mail. It gets us out of the house, anyway. And his friend, Cowboy The Cat, always tags along. It must look silly – the giant dog and the wee cat prancing down the road together…

2 responses to “Signs of Winter

  1. We have to do the “door towel” thing, too. Every time I put that towel down on the floor I remind myself that I need to finish that paver stone patio out back…


    One of these years, it will get done…

  2. Which reminds ME that Trooper was supposed to tile the back porch this summer…well, best to wait for warmer temps now…

    But the INTERIOR tiling can be done, no? Hmmm, Trooper darlin'?

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