Mucking About Shoes

You know…I can’t really sell these Eddie Bauer waterproof boots on ebay because they have issues but…if you know anyone who wears a size 7 and needs a good pair of waterproof shoes for ranch, woods, stable or range…

All I ask is that you drop $5 in the Salvation Army bucket. Let me know where to send them (USPS) and I’ll get them out fast. I have two pair, both size 7. You can have both or just one pair. I don’t care.

Issue: the tongue that makes them waterproof across the top of the boot – that part has age damage (these were worn perhaps 3 times) so I can’t say give them their original fully waterproof status. The tongue is thinking about splitting. However, the soles, sides, inner fleece lining is all just fine. As I recall, they were quite warm and toasty in N. GA. What I liked was you could hose off any mud or muck. Wonderful.

Let me know if interested in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

3 thoughts on “Mucking About Shoes”

  1. If no one else with more need (colder, danker weather or more delicate tootsies) applies, please consider me for the position of Shoe Wearer.
    It ain't cold here in the swamps but it certainly is wet. Buggery young frogs are breeding under my porch as we speak.

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