How To Test Your Marriage In 7 Steps

Here you are!

  1. Become a fan of PW.
  2. Desire a cookbook.
  3. Ask husband to attend event with you.
  4. Discover the event will take nearly 4 hours but only after you get there.
  5. Do Not Feed Him Before The Event – this is vital.
  6. Ensure he is already feeling under the weather.
  7. Have him wear his pinchy boots.

Forgive the editing of the photo – by the time we got to her, Trooper was NOT about to allow me my creative photo options that I’d had in mind to preserve our anonymity. Smile, click, let’s go.
He was at least able to speak with the immediately recognizable MM – PW’s husband. They chatted about the ranch and cattle. But he also had his holster on and had to wear his jacket the entire time and it got quite warm…

I don’t know what to say about the signing. I was thrilled to be there. But the venue was too small, the crowd quite large, and there really ought to have been 2 sig – er – autographing events, I think, to allow not only the crowds of fans to adore her but to allow her a break. She was EXHAUSTED! I felt so badly that I just went through it in something of a blur. Like the photo, yes. I wanted to just let her get on with it and let the others – nearly another 50 – behind us get through. All told there had to have been over 500 people…

We paused at the end, giving her husband one of Ray’s cards in case they ran into trouble on the road. He seemed genuinely appreciative though, like her, just damned tired. The kids were with her sister and she, too, seemed sincerely thankful for our sticking it through. She gave a perfect “thank you” and a “we know this sucked really bad” sort of wan smile. It helped me – Trooper was quite polite but nothing helped him until we got to the Waffle House – the only thing open on the way home. He figured it also had the highest odds of a fight which would allow him to let out some frustration. (I mock! Mostly.)

I’d write more about it but at this point it is likely best to let that sleeping dog lie – much like my bedraggled husband just now. As it is, I am no longer allowed to use the words book (now “large pamphlet with covers”) or signing (now “make your mark”). It’s best to just let it all go…and maybe make him that pot roast recipe…

My first sig – er – Make Your Mark event? Memorable. Let us suffice with that: Memorable.

2 responses to “How To Test Your Marriage In 7 Steps

  1. You got to meet PW! Wow. I have her calender. She is just awesome. How she does it all with her large family, I will never understand.

    Glad you had fun and Trooper IS a trooper.

    Back in the day, I couldn't even get an old boyfriend to go to a MOVIE with me, let alone that.

  2. She IS amazing. I think that she must pre-prep posts, though. No way she doesn't. The poor thing was worn to a NUB. And yet smiled and had a caring question for all.

    Trooper will do almost anything I am interested in – he's “just happy to be there”. But this was an extraordinary event. I won't ever ask him to do something like it again…

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