Way back in – goodness, October I think! – we each ordered one of these while doing the GT Garage Sale thing. Expensive but I wanted a thigh rig for the 1911. I have a tough time getting my bad shoulder socket to hitch back and out enough to draw from the waist.
This thing? Oh, yesssss. Trooper helped me adjust it a bit and then we practiced some draws and OMG was it perfect. I can’t wait to get my OWN 1911 – I don’t want to ding up the loaner with practice so I’m trying to be patient.
This one is shown backwards – or for a lefty. All I can tell you is that if you want one in that green color, you might be in for a wait. After all, you’d think GT would be able to get what they want when they ask for it. Nope…
What a terrific piece to add to the kit. I am so glad we spent the money on them. Well worth it!

He’s A Maniac

Ah, the beloved monster. Just had a nice NYE chat with a friend. Was hurriedly harvesting some lettuce before sundown (I know – hate me and my temperate climate).

This is what I was dealing with as I did so…thankfully, the ancient camera doesn’t take sound so you cannot hear me chanting “give me the crazy chicken…chicken…CHICKEN!”
Nor the ending of “don’t take the stuffing out, you fool!”

Ranger – 98 pounds of sheer love and torment. As for the yard? Mudpit. The upside down pool served to protect the worst corner – it needs to be moved again. Sigh…an ugly terrible mudpit.

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Except for the lettuce. Sorta. Can you see the mess just near the remnants? I KNOW! It’s a really sad little lettuce patch but it is still going strong!

And yes, so are the radishes…and the oregano. A second lettuce patch is coming up, too.

Enjoy this snippet of my NYE fun. If it makes you feel any better something bit the shit out of my thumb as I tried to get the lettuce. Ants, probably. Payback is definitely due.

Meanwhile, I think I shall pour a glass of something. Of course Trooper’s working. They all are. Except the new Corporal. Hmmmm. Oh, well. If it all goes well, Ranger may just have some company soon…professional company. Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said. And please – stay safe and happy this evening!!

Yes, but…

Ah, “hooligans”, is it? What? They can’t be “Freedom Fighters”, too? However, what got me in this piece (as found at the Ghost With The Most) was this quote.

“Violence has erupted at most of the EDL’s demonstrations. In total, nearly 200 people have been arrested and an array of weapons has been seized, including knuckledusters, a hammer, a chisel and a bottle of bleach.”

Those are weapons. There. Now. How long before we are brought to that same low standard? Well, perhaps not those of us watching for it…

I Must Have Done Something Good

Santa Baby…oh, baby…

I have been lusting after this beasty for a very long while. Finally, I have one in my hands and I cannot WAIT until the Springfield can nestle its way down inside.

For now? All those accoutrements I’ve been collecting can be clipped on, shoved in, and otherwise deployed.

Yeah, I sniffled a little. Sure. What of it?
Allow me to note: the medium Rollypoly is a terrific addition to anyones kit. Clips on nicely to the above or to the carrier vest…
My husband is the best.

Merry Christmas

It is a quiet night and appropriately so. Trooper is working, home soon enough, though. I cannot help but think of those who will still have to work. Those whose duty knows no hour, no holiday.

I take a moment to think of them…

It’s late and I know I ought to be in bed. An early rising, a dish to prepare and then a drive to see family…It was difficult to get in the spirit of things this year – starting too late to be much good. I rely on the hope that friends know I love them even if the wrapping is late.

I love that new header – a delightful drawing by Sulamith Wulfing. It is precisely what I feel about the holiday. Perhaps a bit too Scandihoovian for some, and a bit arcane. But I love it all the same. That kind of peace – that acceptance that the child you feel yourself to be will still be present in the crone that you will become. I believe that will be true. I hope so.

I wish, sometimes, that it was like this – still…innocent of so much. Simpler. And I think that shall have to be my motto in the days to come. Pare back, downsize, be glad for the simpler things and surround myself with them. Perhaps that innocence will wend its way to me.

Now, this is a bit of fun and lighter fare – I have to say I love how he shakes that tail like a stripper at 2:45a, eeking out that last dollar bill. Wait – that wasn’t terribly holy, was it? Sigh…well, so it goes. This one courtesy of those guys.

It takes one hell of a pilot to fly that “badly”. I know my taildragger friends will give it a special glowering eye.

Oh, Merry Christmas to all of you, you delightful few – my dear friends.

Climate Is What You Expect

…Weather is what you get.

This is a really fascinating bit of science – real science – on the matter.

Back in the day I hunted weather across the states. I was rather familiar with clouds and their impact on the weather. It was unmistakable, and is so to anyone – even a child. What disturbed me during a visit here with this man was his absolute resolve about “warming”. There was no argument permitted, no discussion at all because HE was a SCIENTIST. He just KNEW and there was no reason to bother trying to explain it to dumb little people like me. He turned his back, sat at his SparcStation and I knew…

It was in that moment that I saw the truth in this: people staked careers on the thing. Their income. Their entire persona was wrapped up in this belief and to look at it from any other angle would be to deny themselves of themselves.

I’ve always felt that we could certainly muck up an environment – that is a simple enough fact. But a planet? A system that we cannot possibly comprehend since we don’t even know what lies under the entire skin of the thing? What forces are at work below us? What of the continuously expanding volcanic activity the last decade?

Too, a daily visit here always reminds me that what we have – what is under our feet – is a very brief oasis. We are fools to just stand on the crust and imagine it will last as it has been for the last thousand years. Better if we were to start kicking off this dust and finding a few alternatives in the galaxy. Maybe not as kind, perhaps hardly even tolerable in comparison to this glorious idyll. But it is either that or agree that we, too, are temporary. That humans ought to just go quietly when this world fades. And it WILL fade.

When I was quite young it seemed to me a foolish thing that adults knew of this fact and yet did nothing. And we do nothing even now. We hunt among our closest companions using the most crude methods of propulsion and imagine that it will help.

I’d always thought we’d be past that by now…but I suppose we are still in our cradle, playing with our loud toys and thinking we know our world, entire.

H/T re: video – Ghost


This one has Trooper doffing his cap and swallowing hard, especially with the Cav hats in shadow, I imagine. Forgive me for all the videos and lack of content but this one…it’s worthwhile…