Holiday Horror

What might be the worst personal affliction on this holiday o’ feasting? Not being able to taste any of it.

Yes, I’ve been brought low with a bad cold/sinus infection/attack from the planet Mucus. (Yeah, thanks for sharing, eh?) It began late Tuesday. Wednesday morning I was hardly able to get around. Never mind cooking…I completely forgot the pineapple cheese casserole (!!) and Trooper had to make the sweet potato fluff under my nasal-y direction.

I stood back at the dinner, trying hard to not touch ANYTHING but my own plate and glass. I begged off of any affections. I felt utterly useless on the one day that I am usually joyfully cooking, serving and tasting of the abundance…sadly, I could only eat for the sake of civility, making kind remarks while tasting nothing so much as my cough drops.

It was a long day and I was so happy to get to bed. But sleep avoided me. If it wasn’t my choking every hour, it was the damn cat trying to sleep on me -whichever side I proferred. Mind you, he’s a honking beast of at least 15 pounds. He and I turned round and round in misery, sleeping perhaps 4 hours. And then there was the fair the next day…

I really should have begged off and stayed home. I don’t know what I was thinking. But we’d planned the visit for so long…I was certain I’d feel better on – what? – day 3…I wandered the festival, looking at all manner of things but finally could do no more. I found a bench and fell onto it, waiting for Trooper to haul me off to the car, leaving our friends…

I did at least sleep but…I want nothing so much as to just peel off my face and hose out the innards. I will have to put the damned machine to use. (The usual sinus meds give me the worst head creeps and jitters. I cannot stand them.)

No pumpkin pie, no smoked turkey, no cranberry sauce nor chutney…it was all the same bland pablum. What a terrible fate for a cook…

However, I hope the rest of you had a terrific crud-free holiday. Stay safe…

4 thoughts on “Holiday Horror”

  1. Poor dear! I used to get strep every year for Thanksgiving, to the point where I had to stay home from the gatherings.

    Now, it's a work schedule dilemma. I've almost given up on Thanksgiving.

    Mend soon!

  2. For Thanksgiving, I had just simple roast chicken from the deli and some green beans, potatoes and gravy. Plain, but nourishing after a hard week.

    I do hope you feel better soon.

  3. I do hope you are feeling well again soon. If it's any consolation, I had leftover pizza while working the evening shift at the station on Thanksgiving…

    I get to be home for Christmas, though, so I'll probably start taking “Airborne”, uh, tomorrow. That oughta do it.


  4. Och – you each make me feel sorry for YOU! I did at least get a holiday and pumpkin pie.

    But I understand…the surrender of usual holidays to duty. Thank you for that.


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