Morning Diamonds

This is what I was greeted with when I went out with Ranger. What a lovely design! And the first attempt by a very juvenile spider.

Perhaps you can see a few of them in their birth-nest. The mother? A lovely green creature who I cannot find just now…she nursed them so well, moving the strange nugget of silk around the garden until she managed to make this relatively waterproof snare in the serrano bush.

There were scattered trails of silk here and there this morning but only this spider seemed to have the concept down. What an amazing transmission of skills, really. Waking up to the world a few days ago and then knowing what must be done…it was studiously moving the droplets, perhaps aware that their weight could ruin the lace.

I’ve been rather taken with the whole process, worrying about the mother who hardly had time to hunt. Trooper saw a praying mantis (juvenile) in the area and worried about the war. He hates spiders but even he had to admit this was an interesting affair. We needn’t have worried. She snatched him up and stowed him nearby, perhaps saving him to nurse her through the long weeks of waiting. Or perhaps holding it in reserve for her own to suckle upon…
It was a lovely gift of nature this morning.

5 responses to “Morning Diamonds

  1. Sounds like National Geographic going on in your yard.

    We bought one of our sons Praying Mantis eggs few years ago, and have had scores of them in the yard ever since.

  2. What is remarkable about those spiders, who seem to be most active in TX this time of year is that they do their magic nightly. You'll see those perfect geometric creations in the AM and by noon they will be disassembled for the day and then recreated overnight. The first time I watched a spider doing the dismantling I was stunned.

  3. I am borderline arachnophobic, so if any spider manages to find its way into the house it is toast. However, when I cross paths with one outdoors I usually don't bother them because they do eat other creepy crawlies. I was rewarded for doing so last year when one particularly artistic spider built an amazing web through our front porch railing, changing and refining it for about a month before moving on. It was quite beautiful.

  4. DW, Trooper is much the same – but even in the wild he has quite the aversion. Something about some time spent in southern climes wherein no sounds were allowed even when encountering their larger brethren…

    Ed, I also love how they will make mats on the ground in the fall, catching the dew so that it looks like some faery world of gossamer seas…this place…there is a reason we all love it so.

    Thx, SlamD – from what I understand, TX has a generous plenty of the creatures. They still freak me out a bit – such an alien thing to a city girl.

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