New Perspective Lately…

We aren’t avid hunters. I have never been before though Trooper has hunted since he was old enough to hoist his rifle. But there was a sale… It’s a very nice tree stand – two person – and a terrific site to hold it and I loved the view. There is something very peaceful about it – the tree waving slightly, the wind more notable. It is like a cradle and I get very sleepy…

Ranger wasn’t as fond, of course. He tried to climb up but then decided to just wait RIGHT THERE until we came to our senses again. We spent a lot of time among the mosquitos, tracking and finding the right routes and the optimal tree and viewing area.
It makes a terrific vantage point and word was another occupant had a very generous amount of doe (does?) walking just in front of it the next morning. I get such a deep satisfaction being just away from everything.
Everything…there is so much going on just now, isn’t there? Enough to overload anyone – which is, of course, the idea. But there are breaks in the plan, moronic statements of people in power, unraveling of edges. Not that most people will notice…but some do.

Just a glance over this one and I have to admit: he does it again…great read. Perfect points. Can’t wait to read it again, slowly.
I think I’ll get back in the tree tonight. Maybe look at some stars, after. Remind myself that some things remain constant…

2 responses to “New Perspective Lately…

  1. After reading John Jay's excellent article, I think I'll add him to my blogroll. Thanks for the link!

    Enjoy the stargazing! (I'm jealous; it's already too damned cold up here to spend much time outdoors at night.)

  2. You are so welcome! I am quite the fan, now…

    As for the stars? We edited the trip. The menfolk turned it into a work day/night. I decided to head out very early in the AM with breakfast to get them started.

    But it will only get better with the colder weather. Which means, of course, anything under 50 degrees.

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