Plain video of why, oh fools, voting matters not at all. NONE of them have any intention of doing their job as YOUR representative.

Once upon a time, you mattered to the process. No longer – the only thing about you that matters is the sweat from your brow, paying them to do this to you. You are paying a pimp to beat the holy fuck out of you every single day. And I am sorry – dreadfully sorry – about that. I wish it was different. I wish I was wrong and you could feel like you could change it. But the only thing you can do is starve them out. And that…well, even I am not up to that battle. Not yet.

These videos are just a small glimpse of what goes on…it is mind shatteringly labyrinthine. And yet these glimpses are the truest view of their mutual soul. All of them working in concert…to a certain end.


A dear friend has a young man who we are gently steering toward perhaps the hardest job in the military. Michael Yon has a terrific photo series here.

I love how Yon is able to take such impeccable angles – he truly gets the action in the shot in a way that conveys the movement and urgency. And he has always done an amazing job that goes unreported in MSM – because he doesn’t play the game. I like that his opinion is formed from reality and experience.

Now, we just need to find that boy a suitable swimming hole…

And Christmas, Too…

We love Survival Straps – their offerings are truly high quality and made to please.

I was happy to read about their Survial Straps for Soldiers holiday project. If you know someone who already has everything, maybe purchase a half dozen of these in their honor. Or perhaps to honor a fallen friend or mentor.

The fact that a portion goes to the Wounded Warrior Project just puts the icing on the cake.