Taking Stock

You get quite a sense of satisfaction after a trip to the local LDS cannery – knowing that you’ve done what you could to take care of yourself. (Yes, and the dog. We can his dry food, too.)

Such good people…one only wishes that their sensibility would be more widespread. But at least we know they are ready, as are we.

Just look at that crate – made, I think, by an Eagle Scout as his project. He made a crate for several canning machines to ensure their safe transport as they make their way from one home to another church to yet another place where people believe in taking care of business.

We compared prices, sure. But there is no way to compete – they have entire farms working just to supply them with the goods they need and provide.

Provide…at the cannery there is also the “pantry” – a kind of mini-grocery for those in the group who are are in need of a bit of charity in their lives. So clean, so quiet and just so…peaceful. And efficient. It shows what private charity can do that a government never can.

We appreciate what they do for us so very much. They’ll do it for you, too, if you’d like. Just ask. (And no, you don’t have to “drink the kool-aid”.)

2 responses to “Taking Stock

  1. Hi! We can pre-purchased food – Ranger likes Blue Buffalo, spoiled brat. We bought a large bag, distributed it in the #10 cans, added the oxygen absorber packet and sealed it up.

    We will start to use it after 6 months or so, canning more after to replace it. They say it has a 1 yr life in its sealed bag so we figure it's quite safe at 6 months.

    We'd gotten a lot of stuff put up for ourselves when we considered that we'd like him to be able to eat, too. We're confident he'll appreciate the thought. LOL

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