Unsubtle Enterprise

If you know me at all, you know that I believe nothing, really, without confirming it for myself. It is that city girl street-level education. So, here: as seen on the Yahoo page today – compare and contrast, as they say.

Strong! In Charge! Nice Suit (if somewhat empty)!

Oh dear…mmm-wah! mmm-wah! I am only a head with glossy, suhweet lips to suckle on you!

Hey – I don’t really like any of it. My preference would be to crack this beotch into lovely regions so that one could actually choose to live in a place that meets your preference for freedom or the lack thereof. This, merely because I find it to be an impossible edit to the nation as it currently – er – well, if not stands, squats. Like a toad.

But can’t we at least be honest about the whole affair? The media might as well cartoon in dicks on her face like some high school yearbook prank and move on. But it isn’t like that anymore. The media is a very large cog in this Chicago Machine.

One hardly needs to look very far. Hell, one site alone

From that self-same site which is one HELL of a good read for minds like mine that love connections…Holder Determines “secret” – and why the hell not? After all, he needs the details to defend his clients, right?

And, of course, if one has control of the media, you want those messages to be damned compelling – which isn’t hard since you’ve ensured your young folx are functionally illiterate.

But nevermind alllll that. School’s in session. Start learning.

2 thoughts on “Unsubtle Enterprise”

  1. That's good reading over there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    It's really becoming clear why Barry (and much of the media) used to repeatedly compare himself to Lincoln…it's as if he's looking forward to presiding over the next breakup of the republic.

  2. Very good reading, no? I hate to think of the horrid days to come if something doesn't change soon. Well, it's likely too late but…anything to halt this Progess would be better than the constant decline.

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