Young, Once, and In Love

Today is the anniversary of the death of Karen Blixen. I know so many women who have fallen in love with her story. I know how much impact I felt after reading Thurman’s book. It was such an intimate portrait…
This is a day to remember how she once was, so happy, before all the heartache to come. Read here: “In August, 1928, Denys Finch Hatton gave Karen Blixen the use of his new Hudson sedan to visit her friend Ingrid Lindstrom on the western side of the Rift Valley. She put the car on the train in Nairobi and it was off-loaded at Njoro, a small town near the Lindstrom’s farm.
Karen Blixen mentions her trip in “Visits of Friends” in Out of Africa: “When I came up to visit Ingrid Lindstrom on her farm at Njoro, Kemosa made the grandest possible preparations for my reception…” These events took place a few months before the arrival in Kenya of the Prince of Wales.
This snapshot was among a handful taken while she was there. Here is Karen Blixen as she would like to be remembered.”
Indeed, I think that’s true. Admittedly, she had a flair for the dramatic and this is quite plain – perhaps too plain a rendition. But like most melancholy types – the dramatic moments may look lovely but they hurt the most. These quiet, simpler moments are always happiest.
I’m thinking of her today…wondering about the rains as she once had…and imagining what fun she must be having now.
Skaal, darling genius.

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