Taking Stock

You get quite a sense of satisfaction after a trip to the local LDS cannery – knowing that you’ve done what you could to take care of yourself. (Yes, and the dog. We can his dry food, too.)

Such good people…one only wishes that their sensibility would be more widespread. But at least we know they are ready, as are we.

Just look at that crate – made, I think, by an Eagle Scout as his project. He made a crate for several canning machines to ensure their safe transport as they make their way from one home to another church to yet another place where people believe in taking care of business.

We compared prices, sure. But there is no way to compete – they have entire farms working just to supply them with the goods they need and provide.

Provide…at the cannery there is also the “pantry” – a kind of mini-grocery for those in the group who are are in need of a bit of charity in their lives. So clean, so quiet and just so…peaceful. And efficient. It shows what private charity can do that a government never can.

We appreciate what they do for us so very much. They’ll do it for you, too, if you’d like. Just ask. (And no, you don’t have to “drink the kool-aid”.)

Our Kind of Change

We worked yesterday on Trooper’s resume, getting it up to speed for a very quick issuance. There are goings on – you’ve read the news, no doubt – and they won’t waste time on training up. No, they don’t really care about your age – they care about your experience. Which Trooper has a lot of. If it was black budgeted or sandy, on a singular aircraft or a quick drop out of another…well, he has done quite a lot of everything.

They’ll start the interview process at the range. I think that precisely right. Particularly when one sees the stats for the skillbase in the field. Sad, really – I know I’d be a crack shot if that was MY job. At any rate, he’ll be fine with that stage. He worries a bit about being out of shape but he isn’t that far from it – his regimen of running will care for that in short order.

No, my concerns are more…pedestrian. Or, perhaps, civilian. Call outs mean separate vehicles everywhere, dog care could be more haphazard and may demand a coded door for him to use. And the unpredictable nature of the role…can we plan for anything? It’s difficult. But…

That glint in his eye…that sudden pleasure in his work, again…and the natural stepping stone toward his final goal…all these things render my concerns moot. It’s what he has worked all his days for, after all. To this end.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned for its impact on our life. It just means I have to find a way to deal with it. And I shall – I always have and always will. I’ve reminded him – good chocolate helps. And flowers. But I still reserve the right to pout, damn it. “I’ll light their bloody candle but they’ll damned well hear about the dark!”

It’s A Tool

I’m waiting on this new friend to come to town and I’m not the most patient person. I had the chance to practice with his brother recently – actually, twin brothers but one had some cosmetic surgery. The little brother seemed to have a magazine issue because it would malfunction every few shots. It made me uncomfortable. It won’t anymore because I found this on Ed’s site – what an amazingly reassuring and simple video…

Within a few minutes all of that concern and worry was turned into a “just fix it” sort of feeling. It’s just a tool. It has its quirks. But you don’t need to treat it like it was a piece of china – which is what I tend to do, frankly, because the ones I’ve shot haven’t always been MINE. There is a kind of delicate etiquette to the matter, after all. A respect for property…
But when I have my very own I think I’ll have a lot more ease in use. More practice, more familiarity, more…pleasure, frankly, in the experience. It’s going to be so much fun to have something that I can know like my own name.
But whatever shall I name her?

Unsubtle Enterprise

If you know me at all, you know that I believe nothing, really, without confirming it for myself. It is that city girl street-level education. So, here: as seen on the Yahoo page today – compare and contrast, as they say.

Strong! In Charge! Nice Suit (if somewhat empty)!

Oh dear…mmm-wah! mmm-wah! I am only a head with glossy, suhweet lips to suckle on you!

Hey – I don’t really like any of it. My preference would be to crack this beotch into lovely regions so that one could actually choose to live in a place that meets your preference for freedom or the lack thereof. This, merely because I find it to be an impossible edit to the nation as it currently – er – well, if not stands, squats. Like a toad.

But can’t we at least be honest about the whole affair? The media might as well cartoon in dicks on her face like some high school yearbook prank and move on. But it isn’t like that anymore. The media is a very large cog in this Chicago Machine.

One hardly needs to look very far. Hell, one site alone

From that self-same site which is one HELL of a good read for minds like mine that love connections…Holder Determines “secret” – and why the hell not? After all, he needs the details to defend his clients, right?

And, of course, if one has control of the media, you want those messages to be damned compelling – which isn’t hard since you’ve ensured your young folx are functionally illiterate.

But nevermind alllll that. School’s in session. Start learning.


I love this guys’ wares. We own a few things – small and within our means. His coin collections are very worth looking over.

It’s an amazing thing, really, reaching over and holding in ones hand something that tinkled in a bag on someones waist before Christianity had a namesake. You want to smell it, lick it, search for a remnant of that time. But its long lost, so many hands having done the same thing for so long.

I crave this one, though – the La Tène Period sword and scabbard. Or this strigil – which was nicely demonstrated in the series Rome, actually. I took deep personal pleasure in knowing what it was called. I’m a damned freak that way.

I love that these things have survived, have been saved and hoarded till now. And I want all of them, really, but I know – it’d be damned hard to leave it behind if circumstances demanded it. How was it others found a way to bring them forward? Just amazing…

Herding Cats

Och, well…work lately has been hellishly busy. A lot of changes in the C Suite which means a lot of work for us peons. I’ve not been able to blog-trek much and I’ve very little meaningful to say. However, perhaps a few items…

  • Ed has just been superb of late…no reason to point out just one post. Add him, read him. Nuff said.
  • These folks make concealed carry items and – heh – there’s a sale! Enter FALL09 to get a discount on your order. I know the argument can be made that they are a bit obvious to the knowledgable eye. Hell, I call that deterence.
  • A couple of gals that have given me giggles this week when I was in dire need…
  • Another Laura – not only do I want to “marry her and have her children©”, she even has fabulously hilarious linkages on the margins. Damn it, she’s good. And her list? #’s 15-18 are a complete resounding yes. (No worries – I like some kids – probably your kids if you are reading this because you aren’t the type to raise bi-pedal vermin. Are you?)
  • I found her here. A post there had me grimacing and giving it the pointed finger of YES!
  • Trooper got to visit LaRue recently – what an amazing group of people there. The owner is one of those “give them the tools and let them do their job” kinds of bosses. He took a few minutes of his day to speak with him, and ensured he had the grand tour. DO get the screensaver – it rocks! (And pisses off any anti-gun coworkers. Bonus!)

Also…Trooper is selling the motor today – a moment of sadness followed by a lot of pleasure at sweet cash in an economic lull. There was actually a bidding war and we think the guy will enjoy it in this lovely riding weather. I’ll miss that damned thing, though. Just time to let it go – he doesn’t ride it and it needs to be riden. It was made to go and damned fast, too.
The kitty hat made its debut and the owner was thrilled. A devil hat of my own shall soon be put on needles. It was just too easy to make, really. How can I not?
At any rate, it’s a busy time and I wish I had more for reading, commenting, etc. I miss the bloggy world…but I likes me paycheck, too.
Don’t forget – tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye smelly pirate hookers!