Small Gifts

It is always the little things in life that I truly enjoy. The moments fleeting, the gewgaw useless and fragile. But this – well, these – are useful, rustic and yet elegant. Made from mahogany from this fellow, they were shipped sans payment with a kind note inside indicating amount owed. Who DOES that these days?! AMAZING.

You have there a braiding comb (pokey end for parting hair), a hand comb and a hair fork. The feel in the hand is just right – not light but not a burden either. Quality implements that impart no static and no breaking that plastic combs offer. I was a fan of the boar’s bristle brush – these may have ended that affection.

These are Side A of the garden – some heirloom purple on the closest end and Roma’s the rest of the way. Prolific Romas, might I add.

Here is Side B with your usual basic tomatoes whose name escapes me just now. Down the middle you can hardly see the cucumbers enjoying their shaded roots and dangling fruits. The peppers were not well-planned. Shaded out entirely. (I told him this would happen but what do I know? LOL)

The leaves are curling and it bothers me. The heirlooms are very slow to grow and that is a curious thing. We planted very late in the season and yet – here they are at the start of the “2nd” tomato season for the area. Ready to go. I think we’re going to put in some peas and lettuces as it gets a bit cooler. I am betting we could sneak in a good few months of fresh salads with the proper bedding down in the evenings.

Mommer’d be proud. And his Grandpa, too.

P.S. I don’t weedeat – I will mow but I do NOT touch the weedeater. Issue yard maintenance inquiries elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “Small Gifts”

  1. I have a weedwhacker, as we call 'em out here, and I do use it. Being clumsy, I also have stripey calves despite the jeans.
    But the edging on my patio is tidy finally.

  2. The hair accessories are lovely. Really.

    I've grown mine long again, and it's got a big curl to it AND it's baby fine so getting it combed out after washing is a chore to say the least.

    Now I'm going to look at my ugly pink plastic comb for that purpose and sigh.

  3. I feel your pain, B. Same here…he says to not use them for wet combing to save the finish of the wood but I do it now and then anyway. They are too pretty to let be…

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