Dog Days

Yep, that’s him in one of his headshots. They came out pretty well considering he – we didn’t realize at the time – had to pee like crazy. (May I add that I mentioned to his father that I thought this was the case?)

Turns out handsome devil will be featured on the calendar – over 40 entries and only 6 months for dogs and he made the cut. That’s my boy!! Yes, everyone we know and love will get a calendar for a present. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, Ranger is under the care of his favorite vet for a case of, as Trooper calls it, Hot Garbage Ass. Yes, it’s rather bad. Not sure why yet because the glands were addressed over a week ago with no lasting solution. (If you own a dog, you likely know what that’s all about….) This is a relatively new development – he NEVER smelled dog-like. Not ever. We didn’t even have to bathe him often since he spent much of his time indoors. But now? Ugh…hot garbage.

So we’re going with the “nuke it from orbit” method of systemic antibiotics in case he ingested something really heinous and it has parked in his gut. If that offers no cure, then the glands will be flushed with antibiotics directly and further exploration of the area of concern™ will be performed. (He recently had a rather prolonged – er – excited state. Another unusual symptom for his neutered condition.) Personally, I think his surgery was performed when he was too young and perhaps something is awry in the general area.

Regardless, we have learned that he will take a pill if you make clear that he will take it. My hide-it-in-the-hotdog trick was a complete failure. I think he even snickered on the 3rd attempt. He mocked me, I swear it.

Trooper is working, of course, and had forgotten his part time tonight…slightly irksome but good money to apply to supplies. Speaking of which….guess which favorite boring blogger now has her own ceramic plates in her own multicam carrier with two-mag pocketses?! Yessss….mmm, mmm! So yummy and lovely. Happy anniversary, lovey!! (How cool are we? Carriers for anniversary presents…)

So…anyway, it’s a quiet day around the house. The yard needs mowing, and there is a breeze so I’d might as well do it. I need a shower, anyway, and this will just give me more reason to get off my hind end. Tomorrow…I shall preview my `maters for you. Yes, you may look upon them with envy and desire. Ha HA!

2 responses to “Dog Days

  1. Hope this isn't a duplicate–Blogger is acting up this AM.

    Regarding doggie's glands, when the problem occurred in one of my Huskies as he aged, the vet suggested neutering. I cringed, but it solved the problem and he didn't bark in soprano afterward.

    Ask your vet.

  2. That's the strange thing – he was neutered by the shelter before we got him. (I have suspicions about it being either improperly performed or performed too young…)

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