While You Were Away

This is what Ranger did from about 5p-6a CT. He moved around the house now and then but it was his basic position.

We had company yesterday – my bro and SIL with their canine kids. Ranger was beside himself. “DOGS!! Dogsdogsdogs!!”

And it was good to have company after Trooper being gone for so long…he’s off visiting family, friends, and old motormen pals back in Georgia. It has been a difficult time for him here and he needed the time away, I think, with menfolk. But it has made for a quiet house.

I managed to get a lot of work done, of course. It’s not hard to fill the hours. Hell, there’s enough ironing to fill an entire weekend. But I’ve tried to fit in my own contemplative time. I do love my peace and solitude…

But it’s time for Trooper to come home. We miss him very much and I know Ranger would like to stop looking from the window at the patrol car then to each room in turn, trying to find his father. And he has been on-duty for days…

One thought on “While You Were Away”

  1. The goggies do love their Alpha masters, don't they?


    I must find a home for my Pepper Dog. My son and DIL want her, but I'm not sure they can give her the attention and exercise she needs. It's too sad for words, so I mostly just cry.

    And Rachel's loss only magnifies my own sense of it.

    wv: stingsp

    yeah, it stings.

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