Wet `N Wild

Look at that. Does that look like a dog who would thoroughly drench his dear sweet owner? Well, he IS.
There are many ways to deal with a dog in this kind of weather. Some shave them down for the season. Some provide a doggie door for convenience. We’ve gone with the kiddie pool option.
Every day it is filled enough to permit him to lie down and cool off between play sessions. He dips his head happily in it, scratches and shoves the water around him.
And, as he displayed the other day, has learned to blow bubbles out of his nose when bobbing for toys. Yes, this fracking genius of a dog has taught himself how to keep water out of his Big Nose Kate shnozzola. I was absolutely cackling over it. That was when he displayed his other trick.
He loves his blue rubber frisbee – so flexible and chewy and soft. And such a lovely tool to move water with speed and accuracy. The devil gets in the pool with it, angles it just right and then, in his usual MO, swings his head in wide arcs. Water flies everywhere and you can almost hear his snickering. Then comes the bounding out of the water, running with tail tucked for best aerodynamics.
It is sometimes very difficult for me to deal with him. He craves attention, being a person dog rather than a dog’s dog. He requires interaction and not just a tennis ball thrown repeatedly. No, games must be thought up. Challenges. And sometimes I am just not in the mood -much like last night when all I wanted was to sit and not think.
He kept wandering around the living room. He stood at the entrance to the kitchen and looked at me. “You just came back in, fool…” He paced a bit more and then sat in front of me, gazing deep in my eyes with enough will to force my hands to put down the knitting and caress his chin. “Damn it. Fine. Outside?” His head cocked side to side, making me smile.
I know that everyone believes their dogs to be geniuses but this guy is seriously smart. Within 5 minutes he knew the word, “pool”. He received a new toy and, again, within a few tries knew, “squeaky bird”. Thus, it was a mere moment to get the “squeaky bird in the pool” command understood.
And then his appearance – so wolf-like in certain moments when he turns his eyes on you with decisive intent. The photo above is the first from a recent professional session. Tomorrow we’ll see the rest (including what I know will be a horror show of “family” photos – I do NOT photograph well) and decide which ones to order. It’s a nonsensical expense in a very shakey market. It is a supremely foolish thing to do.
But we love that dog. That’s all there is to be said, the only reason necessary.

3 thoughts on “Wet `N Wild”

  1. Mine has been particularly good company lately, just quietly resting his head on my knee as I read at night. In his muzzle now is some grey. Where did the years go?

    I wonder if he wishes for those years we can't take back.

  2. Ah, B – a dog does not count the years, only the love and biscuits. And he knows, of course, and cradles you in his own way.

    I know all about grey in the muzzle…

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