Keepin’ It

Billy links to this article wherein an officer looks to the future with a sharp eye. True in all – each and every person we know has started their own preparations toward the inevitable.

Frankly, you are a fool to not have all that you need for about 1 year of Doing Without and Holding What You Have. I’d thought perhaps 3 or 6 months might suffice but the more I think about it and the more I learn – well, the outlook is grim, indeed.

Trooper notes, of course, that one need not go to great lengths on weaponry because a great many will be dropped but I’d prefer to not rely on that. Thus, the list. Each payday has a list of items so that over time we manage to acquire all that we’d like. AND…just the other day? Oh, sweet, sweet goodness…
It’s quite the relief to know my husband is capable of defending not only himself but to aid me in defending myself. I’ve knowledge, yes, but no experience. Which makes me a whiteboard easily wiped clean. Time to put thought into action and practice until it is second nature.
As for the order that might come? That confiscation? Look to a different organization – I think you’ll be comforted by how many LEOs have no intention of making you an easy target. But it won’t be assigned to them…that duty will be issued to entrusted personnel:
So, no – no happy July 4th message was possible. No banners or bunting. Not this time. Instead, I watched The Revolution again on the History Channel and tried to find links. That tea party cost England rather a lot of money – about 10,000 British Pounds. The “tea parties” today are an expense to the organizers and hurt no one. It is the financing that we must look to next…today’s “tea party” would have to exert an impact of $275,323.53 (2008 U.S. $ value).
It’s a big number for some…or the average price of one of the houses that was essentially squatted in. Something to think about…

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