Another Link In The Chain

I was reinstalling a lot of software and my audible book site offered up this guy’s monstrous POS. Which led me to the site – his fingers seem to have been in several pies over the years and yet not an honest job in any of those months…

But you know what I like most? Looking at his fat ass and knowing that, when it all goes to hell, he’ll be in a fetal position, wailing.

You poor, stupid, useless fuck.

Slow Burn

I am in possibly the most vile mood I’ve known in ages. Work has far too much going on and I’ve already gotten weeded for the week – it’s only MONDAY and I’m weeded. FUCK!

Trooper finally gets home tonight and nothing is done that I’d hoped to get done.

My belly is going “Hungry – no, wait – Barfy! No, uh – hmm…hungry? Crap. No, no, no. Definitely barfy. Yes. Er – maybe.”

I want my mommy and my woobie, a Dilly Bar and a dark room.

And I can hear mommer, now – “Want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster!”

Fine. FINE!


I saw the briefest mention of some Nikon kerfuffle at the oh-so-esteemed Blogher event. I just had to note a few things in passing that mean absolutely zero to anyone but me.

One – the title of the thing is Blogher, not BlogMoms or Blogbreeders. Her. Nikon invited women to an event – not women and any child/ren they may have with them.
Two – what in the hell is the attraction in sitting around with a lot of women who believe their every word is so damned important that they not only have to blog it all but they have to go to a damned convention about blogging and then blog about the blogging convention?
Three – Nikon held an EVENING event. Now, even a non-breeder like me knows that such an event would – oh, GOD, am I aging myself?! – mean that you got a sitter – not that you brought your adorable spawn along. Or is that oh-so-19th century of me?
Four – Lord knows there were enough WOMEN there to get together a fucking baby sitting consortium.
Five – “Oh, but the event sooo respects women and babies and families and our incessant puling…” Then stay at the event. Relish this time of attention and grrrl love.

Aw, fuck it. My bad attitude is showing. Much like my absolute disdain for adding any sort of adware, aware-ware, self-promotion or other such nonsense to this mess. If you want a business as a writer than damned well do it and call it such. Because after awhile it’s not a blog. It’s a business with all that it entails. Like ENTERTAINING adults and behaving like adults and moving around in a business world of adults.

But what the hell do I know? Even my ovaries walked out on me. Right?

While You Were Away

This is what Ranger did from about 5p-6a CT. He moved around the house now and then but it was his basic position.

We had company yesterday – my bro and SIL with their canine kids. Ranger was beside himself. “DOGS!! Dogsdogsdogs!!”

And it was good to have company after Trooper being gone for so long…he’s off visiting family, friends, and old motormen pals back in Georgia. It has been a difficult time for him here and he needed the time away, I think, with menfolk. But it has made for a quiet house.

I managed to get a lot of work done, of course. It’s not hard to fill the hours. Hell, there’s enough ironing to fill an entire weekend. But I’ve tried to fit in my own contemplative time. I do love my peace and solitude…

But it’s time for Trooper to come home. We miss him very much and I know Ranger would like to stop looking from the window at the patrol car then to each room in turn, trying to find his father. And he has been on-duty for days…

To The Neighbors

If you really cared about your adopted stray cat, you’d let it in the house in 100+ weather.
We do so it comes here and hangs out.

Besides, Ranger loves that cat. I mean it. They sleep together. So if you want to own the cat, let it in and love on it some.

Just sayin’.

Best Friends With Tails

Poor Rachel has lost her darling pal.

No matter how much I disagreed with her leaving the sweet baby, I know that she did what she felt was right. I know she’s aching and feeling every pang of longing.

Oh, they wiggle their way into our hearts, taking up so much room there. But we never know how much until it is emptied. Heaven help me the day my stinky bastard leaves…

I will miss Sunny’s photo ops! They cheered like little else. Someday they’ll all play together again – I have to believe its true. It would be too cruel a life to not…

The Only Ones Pt 237,643

If you don’t think every single organization, force, and governmental agency is infiltrated, you are lying to yourself and you are a danger to others.


When Trooper was at the border there was a local LEO doing a kind of snipe hunt routine, pulling people off the scent just long enough for whomever to move whatever through. The entire thing was laughable.

And whilst I don’t really give a personal damn about drugs coming/going, the thought of something far more hazardous moving through with such ease gives me severe willies.

“In 1996, the late Alexander Lebed, Russia’s former chief of national security, asserted that Russia may have ”lost” up to 100 one-kiloton ”suitcase-sized” bombs, which he called ”ideal weapons to conduct nuclear terrorism.” “

You see, is a few years prior to this time that I learned of other goings on at the border. And it was then I knew – there was nothing and no one that could prevent a damned thing. Hold your own – that’s all you can do.