You Knew What He Was

I had a thought that would not leave me as I drove in to work this morning. For some reason, this story’s final line kept repeating in my mind as I considered the current state of the union. “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

The Vast Insipids brought the snake to our collective breast. And this is why – though I loathe the fact – I have to agree with Billy that voting is not a solution. As I’ve said a number of times before, I don’t have a ready answer to “what the hell else do we do, then?” All I know is that I am NOT happy to see all the “change” going on because their grasping hands pulled a switch.

Is there anyone that can keep track of all the abominations? Can they, and all their links, be contained in one place? It needs to be. Perhaps something akin to the Lincoln-Kennedy trivia match except, perhaps, make it USSR-US. After all, he is checking every box on the form to turn a republic into a totalitarian regime. It might be nice to see how many boxes are left – you know, just to know how close we are to The End.

I’ll have to think on this…A Flow Chart of the Demise…(Of course, it would have to hold this somewhere…)

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