Glaring Omission

When I see an image like this I try to decipher it because I know editing can completely alter meaning. For whom was this honest revelation intended?
No matter how many photos I looked at (a few hundred) none of them really showed what was to her right in that shot. Because, to me, it appears she is looking just beyond her present company.

Was it this gentleman?

Or was it the elderly veterans further away? Had one said something to generate that basilisk glare? Or was someone speaking when her husband went on belaboring his point? Or was it intended for her husband? Perhaps she hadn’t approved his speech in advance.

We can’t tell just yet. But perhaps we see all we need to know, already. That she cannot even hide her contempt for a few short hours in public in a solemn ceremony…imagine the look she would give me. Or you.

That anger…it will boil over someday, you know.

3 responses to “Glaring Omission

  1. “The eyes are the windows to the soul”–This is the glare of the true believer, the child of privilege with no appreciation, the wallower in hatred, the sort of visage of Mme DeFarge standing by watching Dr. Guillotine's creation at max production.

    There will be more folks modeling that glare at those with private property and success which they will deem ill-gotten.

    This is going to get bad, really bad.

  2. To think that I thought Hillary was the queen of the evil look…wow.

    Hillary's got nothing on her.

    w/v: cloon
    A loon (bird) wearing a clown costume?

  3. Ah yes…Hillary is cunning. Michelle? Heh…she doesn't CARE. She truly hasn't a fear in her, now.

    And Ed, you're utterly right, of course. At times I allow myself that tremendous gift of optimism. Hope. But then something like that photo surfaces from the mire and I know it really is hopeless, now.

    But it does give one something – something with which to gird a loin. Hmmm…indeed.

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