Dear Joan puts it down in plain language. Nicely done…

And then there is the matter of True Colors Showing in Honduras commentary. (H/T to a new favorite…) Perhaps best coverage here. Do I see it as a sort of preview of the future? Somewhat, yes.

A fine quote below found here…it was what I thought life was for quite some time because I was keeping to my own knitting and just assumed that is what everyone else was doing. I was rather surprised to find out just how wrong I was. I believe I was 16 at the time.

“One reason for this situation is that “We the People,” who are supposed to
monitor our government, are 300 million individuals, each evolved to be able to
digest only a tiny fraction of the knowledge necessary to keep such a huge
society working. In the free market, when each of us sticks to our own knitting,
prices and competition weave our efforts together into a remarkably productive
whole that is no part of anyone’s intention.

But when We the People try to plan large swathes of society consciously, we
succumb to what Hayek called “the fatal conceit.” We simply are not mentally
equipped to govern society with the same effectiveness, subtlety, and prudence
that each of us is evolved to bring to the governance of our own personal
affairs. So it’s no surprise that governments with vast powers routinely behave
stupidly: they are attempting to do the impossible while being overseen by the
ill-informed.” Sincerely,Donald J.

In other news…we’ve met some interesting people lately, not on the net, and it has proven quite beneficial. On deck is a lovely S&W the hubby wants to buy for me to replace my knockoff 9mm. It is a M&P version so no safety, has interchangable grips so there is a small one for my stubby mitts. I am 95% sold on it – we’ll see if we can hit the range with it in the next few days to make a final decision. And then we can start looking at holster styles. With my gimpy shoulders, I am thinking about a cross-draw type but…that leg drop thing is so damn sexy. And I BET it would work under some floaty skirts, too. Hmmm…

At any rate, it’s gear time and I like it. I like it a lot.

This Light? It’s Intellect…

Damn it if the V-man hasn’t set another one down for the ages…I LOVE a well-turned phrase but that man absolutely hones them.


For whatever it’s worth – I credit my mom with having taught me the few basics all women should know. You can live on very little when you have to, laughing over the barren soup bones rattling in a pot.

I am so glad she isn’t here to see this…

That Light In The Tunnel…

…it’s a train.

“The fact is that if the socialist initiative were stopped in its tracks this very day, we would still face a government that is impossible to bear over the long run. It’s that destructive, already.”

That succinctly puts the way I’ve been feeling lately. None of the t-shirts, calls to reps, tea bags or talk shows will mend this. It won’t halt it, it won’t reverse it and it sure as hell won’t make it go away.

Instead, like my pessimistic self, I plan for the worst. I figure it’s better than doing nothing and bitching about it. On the up side, I will at least not “…go gentle into that good night.” I do hope all my friends are doing likewise…

And be sure to have your print-version of freedom – it won’t be long before all the helpful words aren’t allowed. Gather the knowledge while you can. A manual, you might say, for your life after.

It’s funny – it makes me grimace, sometimes, to think about my lifetime and what I have known. And to imagine it all gone to useless dust because I’m too damned old to hump my ass on a front line. I’ll do my best, certainly, but truth is I’m a bit long in the tooth to make it very long in a real battle. Still, there is something to be said for the sagacity of age.

What the hell – you never know. You just never know what life will hand you.

A Man’s Gotta Eat

My sister sent a message indicating another “cannery day” coming up and would I care to do it again. You bet your LDS ass I do. I’ll put in an order to King Arthur Flour for 25 lbs of it and a lot of Texmati rice – perhaps some more beans and oatmeal. As before…and sugar. Sugar will be a damned commodity, I fear. (And the dog food, damn it. Must remember the dog food…)

The gentleman here mentions China and their African interests. They need a new continent, after all, and they’ve surely the means to make green what is now barren. And a generous amount of spacefor the mass graves necessary to make room for that plenty…

Food. You’ll need it. It won’t be around. The kindly LDS folks do not care who you are or what you are. All are welcome to order and can what they will. I highly recommend a visit to their site. If you want some sobering up? See how much you’ll need to get through a year.

Money – It’s A Crime

The manner in which I matured forced me to doubt everything until personally verified – trust no one, believe nothing, and look to motives for any action. It has perhaps made me more cruel, or less fun, more discerning, and very suspicious. That said – it makes me think that much of this could be quite true.

Many people cannot even imagine just how small a world it is in some areas of endeavor. That relationships are made and kept, even if only tapped once a decade, for future usefulness. I’ve been privy to some ugly things and it only reinforced my beliefs.

It makes for interesting reading, nonetheless, and some familiar names will showup here and there. Names one would have thought were long forgotten…