What Didn’t I Do Today?

The early riser…

It has been a sort of surreal set of hours…2am found me outside with the dog, flashlight ready for poop inspection but he demured. I flinched as a cry came from the sky, the moon riding clouds. Hawk-like I thought, but Trooper said it was probably an owl. Back to bed, Ranger was up again at 6:30a so off we went…and I waited for coffee to brew.

Eventually, Trooper was up and fed a good breakfast for his own yard labors to come – and labor he did…meanwhile it was 3 loads of laundry, a chocolate cake for the men’s meeting tonight, a batch of rigatoni for an easy meal tomorrow, and some homemade strawberry jam with the lovely organic berries that were in the store. (I am dying to learn to can but did the simpler “freezer” recipe this time…)

But then the darn chicken I’d set down for Ranger’s continued diet was still a bit chilly so it was nothing to do but wait and roast it. Yep, some good meat for us, some good fond for the dog’s rice, and we’ll boil the bones for the broth.

It feels like I’ve not stopped but in truth I still managed to work all day, care for Trooper and even get a bit more knitting done.

See? Non-stop and nearly every base covered – but it’s time to make the bed, wash a few more loads and then get in the shower, myself. Trooper has Honor Guard tomorrow – the man can shine a pair of boots…I ought to have gotten a photo while it was light. No cheating, just Kiwi, water, and elbow grease.

That’s our life…today, anyway, and it was deeply satisfying. Yes, very much so.

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