I Remember Mama

There’s a lovely old movie by that name. Little dramas in a tiny space edited to love by the patience of a mother.
It was much like that in our family – though mom was, admittedly, overwhelmed much of the time. Too many of us and not enough Her. She always said we added years to her and so we did.
When the time came to deal with the last details, she had kindly put everything in one place, the folder she’d given me carefully detailed…so it really was just a matter of a few calls. But…what of her? What to remember her with?
There wasn’t much money, really – enough for the necessary aspects of a funeral. We’d always joked that when she was feeling close to the end to get on a flight to Ohio pronto as it’d be cheaper to go alive than dead. But go she did, and I had to get something proper for her grave.No plain stone…it was…strangely necessary that I do this one last thing. But the expense…
Glancing at prices, I felt it could never happen. What I wanted was impossible. Until I found a woman, an artist, who had come into the line of work after the death of her son. She created custom pieces at a very reasonable rate as a sort of side line to her art and a kindness to others who know that loss. Though thrilled with her fee, I was hard pressed to make decide what I wanted to express.
I’ve always been a cemetery walker, interested in the different symbols, even doing some artistic black and white photography in them rather a long time ago. But…none of it suited my sentiment. Then I understood – the gardener gone, the untended garden…and the garden gate opened to a new path. The sentiment found, all it needed was time. And, when I saw it, the styrofoam shuffled aside, I could only smile. Yes, she’d have liked it, I thought.
I still miss her every day. It hurts to not be able to send her flowers or to visit her grave. But…I imagine she has a new garden and has no need of our more temporary blooms. Ah, mothers…
Hug `em if you’ve got `em…

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  1. Also, too – allow me to say that I detest how this craptastic tool will drop your /div’s or ignore them completely. Apologies for the lack of paragraphing.

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