Just Give Me Land…

…lots of land and the starry skies above…

We drove five hours to see it. And it damned well might be worth what we’d like to pay – though perhaps not what they’re asking for it.

It’s a slender-ish wedge between row crops in the middle of nowhere at a crossroads. Barn, it has, and storm shelter, too. And a windmill, yes, for the well. In town, we spoke to a man who said a 180 pt deer (?) was taken from there not that long ago. In truth, we saw MANY tracks. And turkeys? Hell, we nearly ran one over, and there was a “herd” of them on the side of the road. Dove flew nearly every step we took and a river runs a few miles away…

You see, I had a set of requirements as I started looking…terrain, water, population…accessability…and this fits quite neatly into all. Except, of course, for that long ride to get there. Perhaps a week on horse if the roads weren’t safe.

Still…it was just what we were looking for. And I think we may have to make plans for an inspection soon…surely it won’t just sit there, waiting…the only drawback? Power lines…major towers cutting nearby and it makes me less than comfortable, that.

Decisions, decisions…

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