Auld Lang Syne

Long since…so it has been since the group today was together. C `n L is how I think of them in my mental shorthand. But they are definitely more like Fun & Funner. Christina brought along her DIVINE progeny, Sweet and Wee. Folks, if I thought I could raise kids that superb, I’d give it a shot. However, I know what I’d wind up with and the world simply doesn’t need that.

Wee made a fantastic cake – recipe, please! – and I smuggled home a piece for Trooper who gobbled it up in the cruiser whilst logging in on the fancy new laptop. “In-car” they call it. Of course, it has GPS among a vast number of other features which means no sitting in front of the doughnut shop anymore. Not that he ever DID, mind you. If there were a kolache shop nearby? Well, then – yeah.

As I’ve expressed in the past, I have no social skills. I try very hard to be amusing and talkative only to find myself feeling the rising panic and wondering how long before I will start sputtering out. Afterward I always think, “GAH! I should have asked how that was or have said this!” But with CnL? The monster never reared its scaley head. I was at ease and hardly noticed the time.

And the knitting shop? I’ve always admired the art but had no idea what was possible. LOVELY…one young lady was putting together an incredible sweater. Relatively new to the art, she had a very advanced item put well-together. It gave me some hope that I can perhaps learn something new in my…advanced age.

Home, again, I remembered to hunt down this pic. She is either Souvenir de la Malmaison or Madame Alfred Carriere. I am 99% sure the former. And, of course, the bluebonnets…we had them first!!
On our trip to Houston yesterday, we saw an abundance of them near Brenham. If you’ve ANY time and the chance to go, you really should. It is a special gift this year after the horrid drought and very recent rains. The rose garden is a mere 15 minute drive from there in Independence, TX. Right now, the place is probably a RIOT of roses in bloom. You won’t believe it if you don’t go – the place is a heaven on earth, really.

Now…time to get this loaf of french bread in the oven. It’s almost dinner time and puttanesca with fresh bread is on the menu. Simple, easy, and VERY good when you’ve forgotten to set out something for dinner because you were very freaked out about actually leaving your comfy horizons. LOL

Thanks again, CnL! It was a LOVELY day!

2 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne”

  1. You worry too much, my lovely and charming friend.; )I cannot wait to see what you decide to knit with that luscious yarn!Here is the recipe for < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Jack Daniels cake<>.See you again very soon…like May…right?

  2. Thank you for the recipe!! Trooper will be pleased – just as soon as we have our full week of working out completed. Only THEN do the treats make an appearance.

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