3 thoughts on “Hot Air”

  1. It’s not a trick. I used to inflate Truck tires(18-wheeler) that way on my father’s truck. Well, not actually on the truck, but close enough. We’d change the tire on the rim, spray engine starting fluid into it, then light it up, and put the air nozzle on it at the same time. What we were really trying to do is seat the bead on the rim.Dangerous? Oh! Hell! Yeah!But you gotta do what you gotta do. And that was the MOST expeditious way to get the job done.Still gives me nightmares, though.

  2. DANG! Frankly, I think it’s a superb in-the-field solution! Where does the danger lie, exactly? In blowing yourself up if you put too much fluid in? Or the tire bursting from same?I’ve a fear of the latter – can’t air up tires unless I’ve no one else within a mile to coerce. LOL

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