Ah, yes…the lovely post-holiday ennui. I’ve made the rounds here and there and commented now and again but mostly just stayed off the net.

It was a pleasant holiday with family, everyone giving everyone else dog toys as gifts. We had Ranger, a St Bernard, a Rottie and a wee chi-hooa-hooa/mini dalmation-y type mix. All of the big dog owners fell in love with the wee fella. He was DARLING.

A big hit with Trooper was the collar for Ranger from Survival Straps (mentioned a few posts ago). You can see it here. Trooper liked his rifle sling, too. We’ll probably order another one, somewhat custom. Also, I found this fellow who has a LOT of info on making your own paracord goods!

But isn’t it a handsome collar?! I asked for a double-wide version because Ranger has such a beefy neck. Anything thinner would have looked a bit silly. Here he is giving Fahthah that adoring look. Sweet, no? He has his winter fur again, giving him that deep ruff and feathery pantaloons.

I made out like a bandit with a bunch of Williams-Sonoma stuff. Aprons, mitts, knives and a bench scraper! I also received a few things for the “bug out bag”. Coolest is this little solar power source – you can recharge your gear with it. I suspect it is a bit slower than electric but in the case of not a damn thing else? Superb.

I am still unwell and spent time editing a new Finetune set – this one a bit more Gaelic and classical against the other very techno set I had linked. My apologies in advance for the plethora of soundtrack tunes. I have quite an affinity for a good one though many people consider them a kind of elevator music for media.

And now, I have to find a new PC and scanner. Maybe a laptop…my current unit is so fully hacked that I refuse to use it for anything sensitive. But finding a new system is difficult – especially a laptop. Even with our corporate discount the things price out quite high compared to advertisements. I wonder if one can pay a “consultant” to do it. I’d gladly pay $100 to have someone spec it out cleanly so all I had to do was press the Pay button. And then, of course, comes the data move. Oh, yes – how to get it all on the new system without moving the hacks, too…

I daresay – I miss the days when you could pounce out to MS DOS and look at file types to see the nasty bastards. Of course, that was also the time of 2400 baud rates. Man, it took FOREVER to get your p*rn, huh?

So…that’s about it. All I know is that we’re making a lot of changes this new year. Paring down the accumulated crap, making sure we have what we do need, getting into fighting shape, moving to an Atkins-like diet, and organizing things. Things like the master closet that is far too small and requires a lot of shelving changes…

Add in a trip back east in a month…I’d hoped for snow under my feet and that Rocky range in my view. However, he needs to recharge and, for that, he needs his brother. It is a sacrifice I think I can manage. I just hope the time doesn’t coincide with my stepdaughter’s entry into Boot at the end of the month…we think in TX. She’s gotten herself in decent shape to prepare for it. We warned her – get your running, pull ups and push ups squared away. The rest will come easier…

Actually, it’s not bad advice for our own selves…hmmm.

4 responses to “AAR

  1. If you’re in the market for a new computer…get a Mac. They are really just the best GUI ever developed built on top of UNIX. Damn thing will run underwater…is the most stable platform out there…boots in 10-15 seconds, and will run Windows in a virtual machine…no problem.

  2. Pull up?. . I’m proficient at the 12 ounce curl, but that’s about it. Santa brought me a bunch of ammo, some music, dark chocolate, a new gun case, and a bottle of very expensive champagne, which I’ll save for something special with someone.Sometime. 🙂

  3. Brigid, you made out like a bandit! Let’s hope that bottle gets opened soon – and you can make out like a bandit again! *snicker*As for me and pull ups? Unless there’s a branding iron placed strategically, I don’t think I could manage a single one.Yet, that is. LOL Here’s to a year of better shape…

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