An Early Christmas…Present?

*Hack! Ptooey!*

I have been visited by the ghost of Christmas Past. As in the last one I spent with the Tidal Wave O’ Phlegm. Frackety frack craptacular.

Trooper had the crud earlier in the week and we were being very careful but…guess who got it anyway. Last night it came across the DMZ and today am I fully infiltrated.

Anyhoo…did I ever link this? If not, yay. If so, our apologies for the duplication.
This is the very slickest way I know to carry on you quite a useful length of very strong cord. It comes in many formats. I’ve ordered a dog collar for Ranger’s stocking and something for Trooper.

Slick as hell and these guys will make them however you wish. Just ask. (I got the dog collar in a slightly wider version since Ranger is so big…) Survival Straps – slick, useful, and good folks.

More soon but right now…I have to hie my sick ass to the post office. I promise to only breathe on young obnoxious people.

3 thoughts on “An Early Christmas…Present?”

  1. As a guy who seems to catch the creeping death flu every year, I can sincerely sympathize. I hope that you’re feeling better soon. Those paracord rifle slings are very cool! I just received a beautiful 30-06 rifle from my Dad, so I think I might order one for it.BTW, I really enjoy your writing/blog as well. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my blogroll. Merry Christmas!

  2. Congrats on the rifle!! Superb gifty! And – shhh – that sling is the gifty for Trooper. I dunno if the sling is all-fired comfy but it is far more useful!!Welcome – hope naught offends.

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